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Hey guys, long time, no talk. 😘

After my last newsletter, I actually got to go to swimming lessons for the first time in ages and was there when my four-year-old moved up classes. I was so proud of him and it reinforced for me that changing the newsletter day was definitely the right thing to do. 💗

So, thank you all for being so understanding and wonderful about the change. Anyway, let’s get into this week’s newsletter. I’ve got two BookFunnel giveaways and six books to tell you about before I move on to the Cruise Control update, this week.

– Sian


Well, we ring in September with a brilliantly huge BookFunnel giveaway. This one has 246 romance books in it.

There’s a huge collection of books to choose from and definitely something for everyone no matter what your taste in romance is.

Get those books!

This BookFunnel promotion has 145 books in it. They’re all Kindle Unlimited books but also available to buy on Amazon if you’re not in KU.

My KU reading list is permanently at 10 books, am I the only one like this? I know that I’m not. I only return a book to get out another one, I’m not sure that’s what Amazon intended for people to do, but this is my life, now! 😉

Click here to check out the books


Bad Boys and Band Geeks don’t go together, or do they?

Self-proclaimed band geek, Layne Hall is used to being overlooked and that’s fine, as long as her music makes a mark. She’s waited a long time to showcase her talents at the elite songwriters’ competition and she has her eyes set on the prize. Winning the scholarship is her ticket out of small-town obscurity.

Too bad a kissing virus is about to blow up her plans . . .

When Layne’s best friend gets mono and can’t compete, she needs to find a new singer for her music, and fast! Luckily her coach has a solution—her son.

But Wyatt Nash is no hero . . .

With his too-cool-for-school attitude, popular jock friends, and heartbreaker reputation, Wyatt seems like the last guy to ever volunteer to help out, especially for a lame singing competition. But is this bad boy really as bad as he wants everyone to think or is there a reason for his smoldering attitude?

Wyatt isn’t Layne’s ideal partner. More like sworn enemy. But what’s a girl to do? Winning this scholarship is the only way Layne can afford college. She won’t get another chance like this.

But working with Wyatt means breaking her rules . . . and possibly falling for the most unlikely high school hero on the planet.

Get Kissing the Hero

Melissa drifts through life – she has no aims, no goals. Her friends want her to find that “special someone” – but she’s happy enough. Then she meets a man who lights a fire under her emotions – but he has a secret that threatens to drive them apart. Will love be enough for her to overlook his past?

Samuel has everything – the money, the looks, the career – but he also has a secret. A secret so dark that it could destroy everything. Melissa walks into his life and shows him a new perspective, a new direction – but could his secret be the end of them?

Can they both look beyond the past, and look into their future? Is there a secret so big that it will destroy them both? Is love going to be enough? Could they lose everything they have found because of one mistake?

Get Work and Pleasure

Two strangers. Visiting the city of love and romance.

He’s hidden behind sunglasses. She has no idea the mysterious man is a rockstar.

Wren bumps into Tommy Winters in a narrow street in Venice. He’s lost in the city with no money or phone. She’s lonely, and attracted to the stranger wearing aviators at night.

The insta lust is on fire but the one-night stand doesn’t go as planned.

Get The Star

Lana Martin is a strong, hot-tempered businesswoman working in Tokyo. On a whim, she accepts the indecent proposal of her martial arts instructor to become his submissive according to very special rules.

Their affair sets fire to another blaze, this time between her and Honda’s wife, Yuki. Her powerful gentleness is the perfect balance to Honda’s harsh demands, and Lana embraces what the couple offers her.

But nothing is truly as it seems, and Honda seems to have skeletons in his closet that are as big as Lana’s. Their tempers clash, their sessions turn darker and increasingly dangerous, but Lana doesn’t want to walk away.

Grasping at straws and shaken by unexplainable encounters that leave her doubting her sanity, Lana must face the darkness eating her, while pulling back Honda from the brink of madness. Yuki’s unwavering strength keeps them sane – but for how long?

Get Temper Deference

Can you handle it?
The temptation of the forbidden.
A lost romance.
The explosive chemistry and undeniable attraction.
The awakening of a love so hot it burns the pages?

Prepare to get twisted and tangled between the sheets with these 20 steamy contemporary romance novels by your favorite authors. Whatever you’re in the mood for we have you covered. The Tangled Sheets anthology will leave you with an insatiable craving for more.

This anthology includes stories based on second chances, enemies to lovers, office romances, friends to lovers, and happily ever afters—there’s something in store for everyone! Available for a limited time, so find your new book boyfriend and uncover the heat!

Get Tangled Sheets

She’s a sex therapist who isn’t having sex. Her boss is more than willing to supervise her sexual healing.

Sex therapist, Dr. Vivianne Sloan needs a sexual analysis of her own. She can’t relax under a man’s touch, except for that one weekend with Jared. He’s the only man that has ever lit her fire, but he’s strictly off limits.

Obstetrician Gynecologist, Jared Pierce, knows Vivianne is the one temptation he can’t live without. A man of patience, he’s been waiting for her to accept that there’s no escape from the feelings building between them. He wants to teach her everything he knows about the art of lovemaking, but he’s her boss and the woman plays by the rules.

When Vivianne decides to leave the practice and him behind, Jared is driven to give the repressed beauty a dose of passion so potent she’s incapable of ignoring the attraction between them.

What happens when these two forbidden lovers decide to break the rules.

Get Forbidden Distraction


Alright, so at some point this will end up becoming a “Sian Ceinwen” update, I guess, since I’m working on projects outside of the Cruise Control world, now. 😬

The alternate universe reverse harem novel that I accidentally wrote is a whole thing, now. The band is Wicked Stallion, they’re from California, and it’s Dante, Nathaniel, Ashton, and Logan, along with Lexi. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s who from the Cruise Control world when you read it. 😏

I’ve got plans for it to ultimately be a trilogy, but I’m going to do something called a “rapid release” with this series, where I’ll release a book every two months. Partially, this is because book two will basically end on a cliffhanger and I know that people hate that. So, I need for people to be getting that next book very soon after it’s out!

So, I’m not sure when I’ll have it finalised for release, but I made the cover this week, with a little help from some friends, and I kind of love it.

The books in the series will be Wicked OpportunityWicked Betrayal, and Wicked Liberty (maybe, I’m not 100% on that last title, I either love it or hate it, depending on the day!).

It was fun to try making my own cover. Because this is a side project, I didn’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on it ,and I’m hopeful that this cover will stand up in the genre. Beautiful woman? Check. Hot, topless men? Check. Nailed it. 🙊

I also realised that the closing date for The Wattys 2020 is 30th of September. So, I decided today that I’m going to try and write and upload Dreams in a month. Yeah, because I like to find completely unachievable goals to reach for.

I just checked and there’s currently 15,914 words of it written and to qualify for The Wattys, it needs to be a minimum of 50,000-words long. We all know that I can write that much that fast, but I also want it to be good and to do the story justice. We’ll see how it goes, I guess. I’ll probably start putting chapters up this week, so if I do, I’ll give you guys a link next week!

For reference, here’s the cover and blurb for Dreams

What happens when you fall in love with a figment of your imagination?

Cheli is just trying to live her best life, when she meets the perfect guy, Matt. The catch? She meets him in a dream.

Struggling to balance her real life with her dream reality, Cheli and Matt continue to meet in her dreams and she finds herself falling in love with him.

How can a relationship feel so real when the very foundation it’s based on is not? How can Cheli cope when the man she loves doesn’t really exist? Or does he?


So, I haven’t really done much more on this. Just polished up chapter six and it’s still only at 31,676 words, now. Chapter seven should be fun because it’s a whole day of just the guys doing interviews when Ariana went out sightseeing with Heather, so it’ll be good to see them working and being together.

But, if I’m going to get Dreams written in a month, this will almost certainly have to be put aside until that’s done!


Gah, still haven’t heard back from the narrator. I’m unsure if the system doesn’t send a notification to her unless I approve the audio. I will send them an email and ask.


So, once again, anyone who has been subscribed for a while will know that I will periodically have an existential crisis as a writer and become certain that I have no business trying to write books. That happened last Friday.

I fell into watching “authortube” videos, which are videos on YouTube aimed at helping authors to become better writers. The intention is good, but it had the side effect of making me feel like I can’t write for shit.

I made a post in one of my favourite author Facebook groups and got some lovely responses, switched off YouTube for the weekend, and put it out of my mind. This morning, I got the first lot of feedback from my editor for The Baby.

Here’s an excerpt of what she had to say…

(Minor spoiler in the second paragraph of something that happens early in the book.)

It was so nice to get that positive feedback, particularly from someone who have a university degree in the English language. I know that there are areas where I’m weak as an author, but I do tell a good story and I’m sure that I will get better as time goes on.

Anyway, that being said, The Baby is available for pre-order, now, and you can find it here.

If you’ve pre-ordered it and you want to be sent one of the chapters from Sebastian’s point-of-view one year before it’s release in Sebastian’s Baby, if you can fill out the form here, I’d appreciate it because it’ll make it easier for me to keep track of everyone that’s getting it. 😘


Finally, the latest update for Sebastian is Chapter 18 – Preview Of a Rock Star and that link will take you to it. If you haven’t started the YA novel, yet, you can find it here and it’s totally free to read on Wattpad.

I hope you’re having a great week and happy reading!

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