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I’m so happy to talk to you about what I’ve been up to this week. The short version is that I’ve written ten chapters of Dreams and posted them on Wattpad.

You can find them here, and there’ll probably be even more by the time you’re reading this. The long version will be below in the Cruise Control update. 😘

Before that, I’ve got a StoryOrigin giveaway, and four books to tell you about.


This StoryOrigin promotion has 46 books in it, there’s a good selection of romance books in here. I got One Night in Sin: A BDSM Club Experience which was short and…not sweet. I have no regrets. 😈

Get those books!


Some people think a knickerless walk of shame is as bad as it gets.
Some people are wrong. Very. Wrong.

That awkward moment when you figure out the hot piece of ass in bed beside you, AKA—your drunken hook up—is your boss’ boss, billionaire hottie Sebastian Stone.

Even more awkward? The knowledge that there is no way I can retrieve my knickers from the chandelier above his bed without waking him.

Now he wants me to be his fake girlfriend, and he has an offer I cannot refuse.

I’ve fought my whole life to prove I have what it takes to run the family empire. Unfortunately, these days my Gramps cares more about family values than stock values. And he’s not handing over the company unless I find love. 

Grace Harper is the no-strings hook up I haven’t been able to forget.

Finding out she’s my employee and a hot little rule breaker—Who brings their geriatric cat to work?—I figure she’s perfect for Operation: My Fake Girlfriend.

Will a phony relationship unleash Grace and Sebastian’s deepest desires? Or will faking it make them come undone?

Get Operation: My Fake Girlfriend

In pain was I born, in love was I freed

Nathan Steele
When one has known only pain, it is difficult to see true love for what it is. She is as feisty as they come, yet has a heart filled with compassion. She has the kind of love that heals even the deepest wounds, but will I let her work her magic on me?

Ruby Adams
When I see him, I see the shackles of deep-rooted pain. I want to take that away and let him feel whole again. I want to be the one to mend his broken soul, but will he let me? Will my love be strong enough to heal him?

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What happens when you have to start working with a man who is irresistible to you, yet you respect and fear?

Dr. Matthew Russell is one of the most respected but at the same time, feared surgeons. He is very experienced, very precise, and very focused on his work. His cocky attitude and high sense of self-made him a hated man in the hospital in which he worked.

With a reputation for being very strict and never working with anybody who could not deliver their best, his undeniable sex appeal, however, made all of the female staff fall head over heels for him, and Bailey Jennings was no exception.

When Dr. Lopez decided to retire, young Bailey had two choices: either work with the sexy but intimidating Dr. Russell or lose her job. She decided to take the challenge, but will she be able to remain professional while having that gorgeous man next to her each and every day?

Get Hotshot MD

Addy has her life all planned out—until she walks in on her long-term boyfriend shagging his secretary. Life plans? Right out the window. 

It doesn’t matter that she isn’t in love with Clint. They had goals and a non-refundable deposit on an upwardly mobile condo.

She has a choice—forgive the adulterous liar—or not. She chooses not. Throwing caution to the wind, she accepts a nursing job in San Diego, 4,000 miles from her life in Manhattan.

Addy’s on a new coast, and for the first time in her life, without a plan. Her only goal is to work and soak up the fun in southern California. And that’s precisely what she’s doing when she stumbles across Josh’s path. 

Josh is that rarest of combinations—gorgeous, kind, and utterly besotted with Addy.

Only issue? He’s thirteen years younger, and that’s a chasm Addy isn’t sure she can cross.

Get Alchemy Unfolding


All right, so as I mentioned, I worked heavily on Dreams this week. There’s not a massive amount to mention on the Cruise Control front as a result. Just a small update on The Baby, and a bit of news about The Wedding.

So, this book…ooooooh, I’m so in love with it! The main characters are Australian, and it’s really nice to get to write in my “native tongue”, so to speak.

More importantly, I just adore the whole premise of it. I wish so badly that I could remember what inspired this story. I do know that it was 2008 when I first started writing it.

When I mentioned the idea to a girl I worked with at the time who was Indian, she definitely told me that she had heard stories about people walking through dreams. Now, whether that was from her culture specifically, or not, I don’t recall.

As I said, I wish I could remember what sparked the initial idea for me. I did, however, do some digging this week and found that dreamwalking is a thing that people do. Even if it’s not necessarily the way that Cheli and Matt experience it.

I’ve posted 10 chapters, so far. I’ve got about 13 left to write of 15 chapters left to post. Some of that is already written and the current word count is 38,251 which means I wrote 22,337 words on it this week.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it when I was choosing an editor for The Baby, but I narrowed it down to two that I loved, and ultimately had to choose one. Since she’s slammed working on editing The Baby for me, I approached the other editor and she agreed to work with me on this!

I’m sending her the chapters as I write them, and I’ll be updating the chapters with the edited versions when she sends them back to me. I figured that since my intention is to publish this even if it doesn’t win the Wattys, it can’t hurt to submit an edited book for the competition!

You can find Dreams and read it for free on Wattpad by clicking here. If you do read it, it would mean so much to me if you could vote for each chapter because it really helps with their algorithm. If you cared to share it with other people, as well, that would be brilliant, too! 😘

Also, I’ve got a Spotify playlist that I’m listening to while I write this, and I thought that I’d share it with you guys. For some of my book playlists, I put the songs in order of how they fit with the book, but with this one I just added a bunch of songs, then let Spotify play songs based on that and added the ones that inspired me.

Basically, feel free to listen to this on shuffle. Songs that really grab me are:

“Fallin’ All In You” – Shawn Mendes (I named a chapter after this song)
“Favorite T-Shirt” – Jake Scott
“Strawberries & Cigarettes” – Troye Sivan
“Five More Minutes” – Jonas Brothers
“I Love Me” – Demi Lovato
“Falling” – Harry Styles (this will 100% feature on the Harrison’s Wedding playlist! 😭💔)
“I Choose You” – Sara Bareilles

All of the songs on the playlist don’t necessary fit perfectly, but there’s something about each of them that inspires me. You can find that playlist here.


This was just a fun, little update. A friend of mine read The Album, and then The Wedding over the weekend. So far, she’s found the most easter eggs of anyone (that’s told me about what they’ve found lol!).

I had a giggle when she sent me this SUPER SUBTLE Hamilton reference that she found in The Wedding. It’s actually the second Hamilton reference in the book. I had to give her a little help on the first one but she came so close to getting it, herself. 🤣


Last Cruise Control update for the week is that my editor sent through the latest of her edits, this morning. She’s edited 12 chapters, so far. I’ve been smashing out Dreams, but I’ve had a look at her first lot of edits and I’m so happy with her edit. She really gets the book, which pleases me.

Also, it’s nice when I replied and asked if she’d read the whole thing through and she said, “not yet, so no spoilers, please!” It means she’s really invested in the book if she doesn’t want spoilers!

Anyway, The Baby is available for pre-order and you can do that here. Just a reminder that if you do, please also fill out this form, so that I can add you to the list of people getting a chapter from Sebastian’s POV a year earlier than anyone else. 😘

That’s all from me, this week. There’s no Sebastian chapter because I was smashing out Dreams, but I’m going to try and get one done this week (it’s good to update Wattpad stories regularly, that darn algorithm!).

I hope you’re having an amazing week and happy reading!

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