Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while. A common piece of feedback that I get is that people hate that they don’t get the alternate point of view in my books. Hell, that’s literally why I’m writing a companion series from the hero’s POV. The inspiration for this particular blog came from two things, the first was a review of The Wedding. In it, the reader was incredibly frustrated by the fact that “Harrison’s thoughts were as blank as his memory seemed to be.”

In the review, we ended up having a massive, in-depth conversation about Harrison and his motivation, I pointed to the conclusions we could draw from what other people told Heather. Heck, that was why I ended up writing a chapter from Harrison’s POV for them. They found it super frustrating that they had no idea what was going on in Harrison’s head during the book.

Here’s the thing, though, we don’t get a second point of view in life. Do you know who else felt frustrated by Harrison saying he couldn’t remember anything about that night when she was pretty sure he could? Heather. She could only go off what she knew from what he told her, but also from what she knew from things other people had told her.

As a result of this, we felt her frustration. We felt her devastation. Heather couldn’t just pop into Harrison’s head and check his recollection to help herself feel better, and neither could we.

Which brings me to the second thing that inspired this blog. I read a few books with multiple points of view, recently, and hated it. I’ll tell you why. It stops me from feeling as emotionally attached to the character. We are with our main character, we feel their feelings, then we jump into someone else’s head. Then we jump back, again. We now know things our character doesn’t know. While it’s satisfying to have those answers, when our character feels things, we no longer feel those feelings with them because what we feel is informed by knowledge that our character doesn’t have.

I feel far more connected to a character when a book is written from a single point of view. I get to be with them, I get to feel what they feel, and I truly get their perspective on what happens. I theorise with them about what other people are thinking based on what they’re told, because they don’t know what other people are thinking and neither do I.

So yeah, that’s why I write in a single POV, and why I will continue to do so. Because people review my books and tell me that they felt things when reading my writing. I know that they’ve emotionally connected with what I’ve written, which I love (even if it leads to heated discussions on Goodreads lol!).

I can’t say that I will never write a dual (or more) POV book, but I can say that it’s highly likely that most of my books will remain single POV and all of the ones I currently have planned to write are single POV.

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a great Monday. Happy reading!

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