Hi guys,

So, I know we’re all sick of hearing about it, but I want to acknowledge the crazy time that we’re living through right now. I know that it’s pretty scary, for me, I’ve been escaping into my writing world a lot.

As in, I finished writing Heather and Harrison’s book, The Wedding, last Saturday. I finished it in five weeks of writing to the day and it came in at 122,622 words. That included the sneak peek of Lita, who is Sebastian’s heroine in The Baby.

On Sunday evening, I started writing The Baby, and as of the time I’m writing this newsletter on Saturday evening, it sits at 35,461 words. So, you know, six days of writing. I work full-time and have a family. I am probably not okay. I figure that I could sit on my phone reading news stories about things I can’t change, or I could spend my spare time writing about a world where this isn’t happening.

Speaking of which, the pre-sale for The Wedding is live quite a few places, now, and you can find it here. The release date is the 6th of June 2020. It’s Harrison’s thirtieth birthday and literally the date that the book starts. He has a massive birthday party…ahhhhh, what a world Cruise Control live in!

I’ve joined in the Ladies Love Literature sale on BookFunnel, again, this month. This promotion runs for another twelve days and has no less than 50 books in it.

It’s a collection of full books, teasers, excerpts, and samples, all for free. I highly recommend it. I suppose that, soon, I should make a sample of The Wedding; but for now, I’ve still submitted The Album because I don’t want anybody to have that spoiled for them by reading a sample of The Wedding.

Anyway, definitely check out the Ladies Love Literature Sale here.

So, to end this newsletter, just a reminder that The Album is available now by clicking here.

I am falling more and more in love with these characters as the books go on. For the people that feel like Ariana was annoying in The Album, definitely read The Wedding because I hope you’ll like her more, now. I feel like I didn’t do poor Ariana justice with my portrayal of her in The Album. Hopefully, I did a better job of showing her motivations and reasoning, plus how she’s changed, in Heather and Harrison’s book.

Some other feedback I’ve gotten was about Sebastian. Oh, Seb, such a grade-A douchebag in The Album. This was by design. He is a misogynistic asshole, and nobody has ever really called him on it. In The Wedding, you get to see less of Tour Sebastian, just sleeping with fans every night, and more of him and how he is when interacting with his band family, which is totally different. Spoiler alert, he’s in for a rude awakening in The Baby. 😉

Anyway, as usual, this is getting too long and starting to become more of a quasi-blog than a newsletter. Thanks for reading, if you’ve gotten this far, I appreciate it.

I hope that you, your family and all of your loved ones are safe. We will get through this. Have a great weekend, I recommend reading books.

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