So, something kind of cool happened. I don’t know if it coincided with a review from somewhere that gave The Album five stars, but next thing, I got a notification on Facebook that myself and Cruise Control had been added to the Romance Rock Bands Wiki. I was really impressed by what they had up there. They had my bio from this website, the blurb for The Album from Goodreads, the band members were all listed, as well. They even had Evening Star (the support act for the Heart Wide Open tour) listed as a band I’d created, and Heart Wide Open was listed as one of Cruise Control’s albums.

When I started to write The Wedding, I freaked out that I did not know how to write a book. Dumb, right? I mean, I’d already written The Album and was on track to publish it. So, I sat down and worked out all of the dates that things happened. I have an Excel spreadsheet (because I am a weirdo and love them) with all of the characters’ names, their birth dates, the dates that their albums were released and the tours happened. It also has the dates of other events and chapters in the books, just so that I can keep it all straight and hopefully avoid any continuity errors.

From there, it became apparent that the end of The Album happened right before Harrison’s thirtieth birthday, so it was obvious that should be where The Wedding began. Because I did this, I was able to go and fill out the pages in the Wiki. I added in everything that I know that isn’t a spoiler. The fact that Games We Play was recorded at Sebastian’s estate in Galena isn’t revealed until The Wedding but, even as someone who loathes spoilers, I felt that was okay to share.

Anyway, this is the page for me as the author, and this is the page for Cruise Control. There’s also pages for the books themselves, and the albums the band have released. There’s lots of information there that I added, if you’re curious about things like what the bands’ birthdays are and what date the concert that Ariana attended in The Album was.

I’m plugging away at The Baby. I adore Sebastian and Lita. She’s a video programmer, very analytical, and calls it like she sees it. She has no problem with telling Seb when he’s being a dick, which, mostly he is. It’s almost the antithesis to The Wedding, it’s funny and light-hearted for the most part. The sexual chemistry between them is off the charts, because, well…he’s Sebastian Fox. It currently sits at 61,868 words and I’m 16 weeks into the 40 weeks that the story takes place over. To be fair, the first night is 13,954 words, but it’s a pretty important night.

The Wedding goes off to my editor on the 14th of April. I’m glad that this time I won’t be rushing the people helping me to get their work done. The pressure I put on people to ensure The Album was published on the 14th of March was insane, and kind of disgusting. I felt really bad, and I’m glad that these people are happy to work with me again! I’ve apologised approximately a thousand times to them. That was part of why I pushed myself so hard to finish writing The Wedding in time for everyone to have decent turnaround times this time.

Given the rate at which I’m turning out The Baby, there will be months and months before its release date for everyone to get their stuff done. It’s being released on Sebastian’s birthday, the 17th of November, 2020.

In the meantime, The Album is available here, and The Wedding is up for pre-sale here, it’s being released on the 6th of June, 2020.

I hope that everyone is safe and as happy as can be at the moment. I know the world is crazy, that’s probably why I’m spending so much time writing right now. I can sit and read articles about what’s happening but I already know that the best thing I can do right now, is staying at home and doing nothing. So, I choose to spend my time writing about a world where this stuff isn’t happening…probably not the healthiest coping mechanism, but hey, it’s all I’ve got! 😉

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