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I hope it’s been better than mine! I am sick as a dog right now, guys. So bad, that I spent most of today in bed, sleeping. I have a headache and I’m sniffly and doing that “urggggggh” thing I do when I’m sick and I need the world to know how bad I feel. Yeah, I’m a drama queen.

In happier news, it’s only a week until the release of The Wedding and I’m so excited! I have lots of stuff to tell you about in the Cruise Control update this week, but before that, I have three BookFunnel giveaways and seven books to tell you about.

So, let’s get into it, I guess!


This BookFunnel giveaway has 148 romance books in it. All of the giveaways this week are ending on the 31st of May, so it’s your last chance to get them! Go, go, go!

Get those books!

Another BookFunnel giveaway, this one with steamy romance books, 104 of them, to be precise! There’s some good books in here, I’ve read a few of them and just downloaded a couple more! 🙈

Click here to check out the books

This giveaway has 114 books in it, it’s more geared toward the paranormal romance genre, if that’s your thing, but there’s a lot of good books in this one, as well!

I want books!


This project originally started as a way to keep scammers on the line for as long as possible, hoping that they’d eventually reach the end of their shift and my time would have been spent preventing someone else from being ripped off. As time went on, though, the mundane aspect of wedging a phone in the crook of my shoulder while I kept working started to wear thin.

That’s when everything changed. That’s when I decided to start playing them at their own game, trying to throw as many awkward situations or absurd circumstances at them to see how far I could take it before they cottoned on and hung up. Some were pleasant, some left the conversation suddenly, and some were David… we called him David The Furious.

This book won’t change your life, but it may make you smile for a couple of hours. It may even prompt you to keep these scammers on the line a bit longer next time they call you, and maybe you’ll stop some dear old person from being robbed of their savings.

Guys, this book is by my cover artist and proof-reader, Mark. I got it when it came out and finally got around to reading it last weekend, oh my gosh, it had me in stitches! Obviously, it’s not my normal genre, but I’m all about people keeping scammers on the phone line as long as they can so that they’re able to scam fewer people! If you want a laugh, definitely check this out!

Get Scam Callers the Fun Way

Can a chance encounter on a wildfire lead to true love under a midnight sun?

Tara Waters loves being a firefighter and the adrenaline rush of fighting wildfires and saving lives is her calling. She must be on her game to join an elite hotshot crew in Montana. But when Tara is sent to fight fires in Alaska, her dream falls out of reach.

Ryan O’Connor helps Tara when she fails to save someone on a wildfire, and she figures she owes him one. But she doesn’t owe him her heart just because of his undeniable charm and good looks. He tries to help her deal with the line of duty death, but Ryan has his own story with plenty of demons in his past. And Tara may be the spark his life needs.

Someone is sabotaging Tara on the job and she soon discovers a threat more dangerous than fire—a threat that can destroy everything she’s worked for and another chance for love that could be snuffed before it ignites.

As they grapple with the unknown threat, Tara and Ryan discover fighting fire isn’t just about battling flames—it’s a fight for survival—and a willingness to risk everything for love.

This is another one that I’m really excited to tell you about. Lolo is awesome, such a good writer and also an absolutely lovely person, so definitely go check out her book!

Get Alaska Spark

Kelly ran a marathon… and wound up running a house. With a ghost in it.

Kelly Mellios is a stunning, athletic woman, who has learned–the hard way–to value herself. Having just finished her first marathon in the alluring Greek town of Nafplio, she bumps into Alex, a gorgeous widower with three underage children, who is desperately looking for a housekeeper.

The timing seems perfect, seeing that Kelly aches to start a new life, and Nafplio seems like the ideal place to settle down. She accepts the position on the spot, but little does she know that Alex’s house has an extra inhabitant that not even the family knows about…

The house is haunted by Alex’s late wife, who has unfinished business to tend to. By using the family pet, a quirky pug named Charlie, the ghost is able to communicate with Kelly and asks her for help. She claims she wants to ensure her loved ones are happy before she departs, but offers very little information about her plans.

Kelly freaks out at first, but gradually finds herself itching to help. It is evident there’s room for improvement in this family… Plus, her growing attraction towards Alex is overpowering…

Will Kelly do the ghost’s bidding? How will it affect her? And just how strange is this pug?

This looks hilarious and I’ve got it downloaded to read. I pretty much bought it based on the cover, which I think is totally adorable!

Get Running Haunted

Lena Douglas may be a world-famous Instagram model, but she hates it. She’s a real InstaPrincess, reigning over her court of perfectly airbrushed selfies and avocado toast posts, but at twenty-six, she’s running out of time before the Internet moves on to a younger model. Starting her own fitness line is the perfect escape.

But the thing about new companies? They kind of need a little cash. A mentor who can show Lena how to run a business wouldn’t hurt, either. Fortunately, she’s rented the house of a man who could be her perfect business partner. If she agrees to accompany him to events as his date, he might just fund her line.

Too bad she doesn’t have time for distractions.

Too bad her new neighbor is stupidly attractive.

Too bad he’s the neighbor from hell.

I am literally in the middle of reading this. I downloaded it when I started writing my newsletter and promptly got distracted for a good hour. If you’re concerned that today’s newsletter is late, blame this book lol!

Get Miss InstaPrincess

Her cheating husband broke her heart. His wife’s tragic death destroyed his spirit. Will they risk a second chance at love?

Julianne Garvoli’s life as a wife and pediatric nurse is perfect. She is following her every dream…or so she believes. But when her spouse leaves for another woman, her idyllic world is shattered, and her life spins out of control. Still struggling to regain her footing, she meets a handsome man at an art exhibition who ignites a long-forgotten yearning…

Famous photographer Jokob O’Callaghan’s world was enviable until cancer strips it bare. Grief-stricken, Jokob buries his suffering in his artwork. But when a beautiful young woman is deeply moved by one of his pieces, he’s surprised by his attraction to her…

Though Julianne feels their connection, she fears trusting another man will only cause her more pain. And while Jokob’s dying wife encouraged him to find love again, he wonders if he’ll ever escape the heartache. Will the troubled couple mend their wounded hearts with the healing power of love?

Bridge to Us is the first standalone book in the emotional Love Lost and Found women’s fiction series. If you like second chance romances, memorable characters, and heartfelt moments, then you’ll adore Jeanne Felfe’s touching tale.

Get Bridge To Us

“Darius.” It came out choking from his chapped lips, and his head jerked as he tried to look up into her face.
“What now?”

“‘S my name. Darius. Thank you.”

Of all the humans drowning around her, she had to be stuck with the one who bothered to mind his manners as he was dying. She bit back a laugh. “Well, good to know. Stay alive, Darius.”

“Death feels so warm,” he whispered, those brown eyes hooded as they looked into hers. “Didn’t know there were mermaids in heaven. Ice mermaids…So beautiful. Jewels for eyes, pearls for hair.”

Behind them, the great ship that had the words “Titanic” painted on its bow was cracking as it tilted into the freezing waters of the ocean.

Lorelei gave a frustrated sigh and tightened her hold on him.

Ice Mermaid is a Salt for Air novella about a mermaid who witnesses the sinking of the Titanic.

Get Ice Mermaid

Victoria Yorx presents: Divorce Attorney, Book 3 in her Carnal Adventure Series

Patti was tired of it all. Roger had gone to war. He left her as a loving, caring husband. But eighteen months later, when the Army returned him to her, they had broken him.

He was wrecked.

Patti thought divorce was the answer, but the divorce attorney, Ty, had other ideas. Given just half a chance, Ty was able to show Patti exactly what she was missing and how to save her marriage. A bit unconventional in his methods, but effective nonetheless.

Would Patti discover that outside activities could bring the excitement back to her marriage?

Get Divorce Attorney


Okay, now on to this week’s Cruise Control update…book trailers, yay! Also, I’m featuring on a book blog this week. Let’s not forget that it is one week until the release of The Wedding. Big stuff happening!


Without further ado, you can find the book trailer for The Album here.

In news, The Album was reviewed and they approached me to do an author interview. I loved answering their questions, it was interesting to see their take on the book.

I’ll be linking to the stuff they put up during the week on all of my social media channels, so follow me on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to get the updates through the week!


I spent the week re-reading this after I spent last week going through the edit. Oh. My. God. I cannot wait for you guys to read it.

I won’t lie, this book is a lot. Like…it’s intense and emotional and I love it and I literally cried while reading it. I have read it numerous times, I wrote the damn thing, and it still brings me to tears.

I love Harrison and Heather and I love this book. I hope that you guys love it, too, when you get to read it.


Not a lot of news for The Baby this week, because I had to focus so intently on The Wedding to get that ready to go. I did, however, put it into the VoiceDream app and listen to it at work a couple of days. I have no regrets. I love Lita and Sebastian!


Last, but certainly not least, the latest chapter for Sebastian is up now! I literally wrote it right before sending this, another reason why the newsletter is later than normal.

I told you guys that I would always publish a chapter on Saturday before sending this newsletter and as I said, I spent the day sleeping, which meant having to write and post the chapter this evening.

I hope you like it. I really do adore baby Cruise Control, and things get heated in the latest chapter. The thing I’m looking forward to so much is when they eventually go back to Chicago!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy reading!

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