The Wedding comes out tomorrow. That’s so insane. If you had told me back in February, when I was preparing to release The Album, that I would be releasing The Wedding on the 6th of June 2020, I would have told you that you were insane. I also would never have been able to fathom that I would write the book in five weeks and that I would consider it to be one of the best things I’ve ever written.

Since then, I’ve written a huge portion of The Baby, as well. I also decided to write the companion hero books and do you have any idea how freaked out I was when I came up with my publishing timeline? A lot. That’s how much. I mean, it made sense, but gosh was it scary. Now that I’ve completed the hardest part of that timeline (writing The Wedding in a stupidly short timeframe), it kind of seems like it’ll be easy to hit those deadlines.

I’ve said it before, but the companion hero books should, in theory, be easier to write. I know the story, I just need to drop into the guys’ heads and get their take on what happened. There will still be different sides of it, of course. Sometimes, Mum will say, “I want to see when X happened,” and I have to tell her, “we can’t see that, because neither the hero or the heroine were there when it happened.”

I can, of course, write one-shots. There is one for The Baby that I definitely want to write. It’s about Heather and Ariana’s night together when they’re chilling at home in Chicago one night. When you read the book, I think you’ll know what night that is. Although I suppose by then, I might have already written it and put it out there! That will, one hundred percent, be from Heather’s perspective.

In other, not Cruise Control related news, I have a new project…did I need a new project? Haha, no. But, I have one, anyway! If you recall from my post with my publishing timeline in the blog I wrote here, there’s a standalone novel called Dreams that I want to write. Earlier this week, I found all of the old chapters I’d written and read them again. It’s so good. I don’t mean that to sound like a jackass, but I was surprised, I just didn’t think that I wrote that well.

Anyway, are you wondering what it’s about? Well, here’s the blurb that I’m working with for now:

What happens when you fall in love with a figment of your imagination?

Cheli is just trying to live her best life, when she meets the perfect guy, Matt. The catch? She meets him in a dream.

Struggling to balance her real life with her dream reality, Cheli and Matt continue to meet in her dreams and she finds herself falling in love with him.

How can a relationship feel so real when the very foundation it’s based on is not? How can Cheli cope when the man she loves doesn’t really exist? Or does he?

I spent an evening this week finishing their first dream chapter and I’m obsessed. I get like this, though. I STILL NEED TO FINISH THE BABY. I keep reminding myself of that. I don’t know why I’m struggling to do it, guys. It’s Sebastian Fox and I effing love him. There’s still eight chapters to write (I think) and some will be good chapters. I need to focus and get it done.

Meanwhile, I’m still publishing a Chapter a week on the serialised Wattpad novel, Sebastian (Me? Obsessed with Sebastian Fox? Not at all!). The last chapter saw things get really heated between him and Gabriel. I’m kind of enjoying this a lot but I struggle so hard when writing the YA stuff. It takes me aaaaaages to write a chapter, which is only 1,500-2,000 words, meanwhile, I can smash that out on the adult romance stuff in an hour or two.

I also enrolled both The Album and The Wedding into Kindle Unlimited! This means that, for now, at least, you can only get the eBooks on Amazon. The paperbacks and hardcovers are still available to purchase elsewhere, but the ebooks are only on Amazon. It was a big decision, but so far, I don’t regret it. Amazon is the number one retailers for ebooks, Kindle Unlimited is number two. I write looooong books that people seem to like reading, so putting them into Kindle Unlimited where people can read them under the subscription made sense. In 90 days’ time, I can take them out, if I decide to.

Anyway, I need to get this posted and go to sleep. The Wedding comes out tomorrow and is available for purchase (or reading if you have Kindle Unlimited!) here.

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