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Hey guys! I hope you’ve had a brilliant week. I have some news to share…


He doesn’t have a name yet, and it’s not “Facebook official” so shh don’t tell anyone, but I had to share it somewhere! He’s just the absolutely cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I love him so much.

Okay, I know, you’re here for books! So, before I get into giveaways and book news, I want to let you know that I joined Booksprout this week!

It’s a service where people can sign up and download books to review for free! You can follow me by clicking this link AND I have both The Album and The Wedding up there for reviewing at the moment.

Other than that, I’ve got one StoryOrigin Giveaway, and two BookFunnel promotions to talk about. Then there are four new books before we get into the Cruise Control update. I’ve got something for that this week that I hope you’ll find really fun! So, let’s get to it!


There’s 42 books in this StoryOrigin giveaway. All super sexy and fun. It’s got a good selection of full books and samples to choose from.

Get those books!

Guys, you know that BookFunnel promotions are always huge. This one has 140 books that are lots of fun romance novels to check out.

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I know that I mentioned this one last week, but I noticed that it’s really close to finishing, now! There’s 116 books in this one, so if you missed out on any of them last week, this is your last chance to check them out!

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Alicia Anderson was eager to get the same amount of attention as her friends in stories one and two of five reverse harem books by Victoria Yorx.

She has no romantic involvements, keeps her body and life in tip-top order, but needs…something.

To be controlled, or experiment with edges, and to see how others live when they assume full responsibility for their hottest sexual desires.

Have you ever wanted sex under the control and direction of a true alpha?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if he made you feel safe enough to bring his handsome and hard buddy to the party?

Could you honestly surrender to your darkest, most hedonistic desires?

Join Alicia, much like her friends Liz in Lawn Boy and Ann in Laying Pipe, as she opens her legs for her OWN alpha Lineman.

Remember last week when I was like, “hey, I got a Kindle Unlimited subscription”…well, that went well for me. I spent most of my weekend reading novels. Mostly erotica, mostly reverse harem. Anyway…

Get Lineman

An Alpha Cowboy, Feisty Woman Western Romance

She is the beauty. He is the beast.
She wants to know love. He does not want love.
She lives her life in the dark. He wants to spend the rest of his life in the dark.

Christian Carter gets himself a wife of convenience. A woman who cannot see who he is. But, Jenna Shaw is someone he never imagined.

Together, will they find the happiness that could bring them to light?

Find out!

This is a Steamy, Short and Sweet Western Romance Story. No Cliffhangers. Beauty and her Love is the first story in the Beauty in Kansas Series. If you love short romances with hot love scenes, a sweet story and a satisfying Happy Ever After, then this one is for you. It can be read as a standalone.

Get Beauty and Her Love

Professor Sabrina Lee

I just couldn’t get inspired to write until I heard of the scandal at the rival school, where a professor was fired for having an affair with a student. Now this is the kind of story-line I have been looking for. The thrill of living out my fantasies all while not getting caught has me very aroused. My first target is the handsome and brilliant Sean Mathews.


I am so tired of the young girls I have been dating. Sure, they may look great, but they can’t carry on a meaningful conversation. That all changes when someone surprises me at the club. Who is this mysterious woman?

This is a short and steamy romance story. This is the first story in the Tenured series. If you love romances with a strong woman, hot love scenes, and some suspense, then this is the series for you.

Get I Shouldn’t, But…

It’s time to convince her the only thing better than being my best friend, is being my wife.


I met Hunter in high school after we both got ditched by our dates. Laughing over the rejection together, we instantly became best friends. I never allowed myself to see him any other way, because the bond between us was too special to risk. But when I have to call him out to the ranch to help with a cow birthing twins, I see him in a whole new light. Strong. Assertive. Intense. Suddenly, I find myself wondering if this friendship came with any benefits I’ve missed out on enjoying…


I’ve been head over boots in love with Megan since the day we met. Not that I was ready to tell her that. She had dreams and aspirations, and I never could have forgiven myself if I stood in the way. In the meantime, I worked on building a life for us in the hopes that someday she would share it with me. Could that someday begin with a call about a cow in distress? Seeing her bottle feed a newborn calf has me ready to confess all the feelings I’ve kept hidden. Can I convince my best friend to become my wife?

Slide into the saddle and gallop into this sizzlin’ cowboy romance set in the kind of small town that treasures porch swings and sweet tea

Get The Cowboy and His Obsession


I mentioned at the beginning of the newsletter that I had a fun idea for this week. I thought that it might be cool if I shared a song for each of the books with you guys.

Just something that I feel encapsulates a feeling or moment in the books (without spoiling anything, of course!).

Also, I swore that I’d never do book trailers because…I don’t know, I just felt like they were outdated. But, I made book trailers for The Album and The Wedding this week because, of course I did! I’ll share those with you guys next week, though!

Anyway, here we go!


I was specifically vague about the songs on Heart Wide Open. I always intended that people could hear a song on the radio and think, “oh, that is the fifth song!”. I didn’t want your album to necessarily be my album but if you ever want to send me your tracklisting for Heart Wide Open, go ahead, I’d love to know what it is.

But, with that being said, this song is not on the album but it is mentioned in the book. Take from that what you will. The song that I’ve chosen for Ariana and Gabriel is For Your Love by Hanson.

In news for the book, I got contacted by a website this week to do an author interview for The Album. It turns out, they’d reviewed it and they were interested in doing an author interview about it. That’s going to be going up on the 5th of June and I’ll post links on Facebook, so if you’re not already following me there, definitely do so by clicking here!


The song I’ve chosen for Heather and Harrison is Perfect by Ed Sheeran. It’s just so perfect for them, they’ve been in love since they were teens and it’s just…ahh, beautiful for them. Also, Zoey Deutch is one of my favourite actresses and may or may not be on my dream cast list, even if it’s not as Heather…

So, we are fast approaching the release of The Wedding and I can’t wait! I’ve mentioned before, but it’s my favourite book in the series, so far (and I’m certain it will remain my favourite of the heroine books).

My proof-reader is expecting to finish that over the course of the weekend, so then I’ll have it back to review before it goes off again for formatting.

Mark is amazing. So is Lorna, his wife, who does the formatting of my books. He sent me an email with a whole assessment of The Wedding and laying out exactly why Heather feels and reacts the way she does…he gets it, which I so needed to hear after my editor didn’t lol.

I’m just so excited for you guys to read it. It’s so amazing and I love it.


Look who made herself a new temporary cover! It’s not brilliant but it is a bit better than the old temp cover lol.

So, the perfect song for Sebastian and Lita is definitely U Got It Bad by Usher. I don’t want to give spoilers but, yeah, it’s definitely obvious that they’ve got it bad for each other.

Guys, I should have finished this book by now. It’s shameful, really. I started writing it on March 29th, which means that it will be eight weeks tomorrow since I started it. It’s sitting at 115,943 words this week, which means I wrote basically nothing on it after I finished the chapter I was writing.

Somebody kick me up the backside…which, FYI, my mum is basically doing daily when I have nothing new to give her to read. I’ve got…eight chapters left to write. I feel like I told you that a while back which says a lot.

It’s more about the fact that I’ve realised there’s another chapter to add…again. Long book is long. I’ve been reading a lot of books, lately (thanks, Kindle Unlimited!), and I’ve decided that I don’t mind that my books are long. I like the stories I’m writing and I hope that you guys do, as well.

The reason I feel that way is because a lot of the books I’m reading are short. I am not a quick reader by any stretch of the imagination and I can read most of the KU books in one sitting, maybe two. Where one sitting is a few hours. I often wish they were longer.

Okay, maybe I’m just justifying myself and the fact that all of the commonly accepted information says “over 100k words is TOO LONG!”. Shh…I’m just hoping you guys like long books…and newsletters (she says, as she looks at the many paragraphs above this one!).

I’ve started trying to review all of the books I’m reading and I share both my review and highlights/notes on Goodreads, so if you’re interested in following me there, go ahead.


Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a massive Swifty…I won’t apologise for this lol! Did anyone else watch the concert this week? J’adore!

Anyway, I feel like Me! has exactly the right amount of confidence, joy and self-love to encapsulate baby Sebastian. You know, before he got all broken and jaded! “I know that I’m a handful, baby, uh” and “I know I tend to make it about me”…check and check for Seb lol!

I published a new chapter on this just today! I’m going to make a commitment to post at least one new chapter a week. If I do more, I’ll make sure that I do one on Saturday as well, anyway. So you can always be sure that there will be a new one by the time this newsletter comes out!

And I think that’s all she wrote. I do want to say that I love you guys for being a part of the Cruise Control journey with me. I’m having so much fun and I love the emails that I get back from you, it’s great to hear what you think.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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