Editing, editing, so much editing!

Did I say that I didn’t hate editing that much, last week? It can’t have been me. You must be thinking of someone else…

I’ll tell you all about it in the Cruise Control update. Before that, I have four giveaways and one veeeeery special book to tell you about!


This BookFunnel giveaway has 135 books in it,all are free samples, chapters, or even full books to download and read.

As pretty much every person on this mailing list knows, I have a thing for billionaire books. I don’t write them, but I read the hell out of them. So let’s not be surprised that I got Bought by the Billionaire, okay? 😉

At first, I thought I’d already read it, but I think it was another book by the same name. Billionaires are just out here buying people all the time, apparently! 🙊

Get those books!

So the next three giveaways are ones I linked earlier in the month, but they all end on September 30th, so this is your last chance to check them out!

This one is a giveaway with 272 books in it all free to download and check out! I forget which one I got, but we all know it was a billionaire book, I’m just always going to assume I did that…

Click here to check out the books

This one is a KU promotion with 154 books in it, all are available on Amazon to read free through KU, or purchase if you don’t have it.

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Last but not least is another KU promotion. There are 136 books in this one, definitely worth checking out before the 30th of September.

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So, I’ actually only have one book to talk about this week, but I’m really excited to tell you about it. It’s from an amazing Australian author called Lissanne Jones, and her books are brilliant.

Coming Home is the first of the Being Home series, which is a two-book series about the Whittaker twins. Coming Home is about Luke and is being released on October 23rd. Finding Home is about Cody, and his book is coming out early next year.

Coming Home is available for pre-order now. She’s also the author of the Worth It All series and it’s soooo good.

If you’re looking for something to read in the meantime, I cannot recommend Worth the RiskWorth the Wait, and Worth the Chance, enough!

This was supposed to just be a short bit about Lissanne, but it turned into a short novel because I’m me! I’ll put the blurb for Coming Home below this super sexy teaser pic for the book, I guess. 🤣

Luke Whittaker and Evelyn Young were high school sweethearts who had their whole lives together mapped out: they’d live on his family ranch while he worked and she studied, and then marry and raise a family.

Their plans came to a screeching halt one winter’s night when a tragic accident claimed not only the lives of her parents, but also the life Evie had envisioned with Luke. Unable to cope with her grief, she fled their small town in the Colorado mountains, leaving Aurora Springs – and Luke – behind her.

Years later, another death in the family finally brings her home. Evie is once more plunged into mourning but being around Luke again makes her feel truly alive for the first time in years. Can he convince her to come home and begin the life together they’d always dreamed about, or will she let her fears and doubts destroy her heart for good?

Get Being Home


Alrighty, so this week was hardcore editing week for me. I don’t have a lot of overarching news, but I’ll soon be going back to Gabriel’s Album


So, I got all of the finalised edit back from Vash, went through it, and sent it back to her. She got it back to me early last week and I ran through it again, then uploaded the finalised version to Wattpad.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it’s officially entered into the Wattys now! I’m really excited. I will say one thing about Wattpad, getting comments on each chapter as people read it is surprisingly terrifying lol!

If you’ve read…well…any of my books, you know that happily afters don’t come easily in them. They must be earned. There must be tears. Both ours and the characters. Those are the rules, I didn’t make them, I just adhere to them! 😝

So yeah, when someone is reading and commenting and saying stuff like, “they’re just so happy and perfect together!” but you know what’s coming, you kind of just wait for the bomb to drop and for them to hate you.

Somebody actually had to go back and delete their angry comments this week after they read through to the end LOL!

Anyway, if you want to read Dreams and feel happy and sad and angry and joyful and basically just cry all the tears, it’s available to read for free on Wattpad here.


Right, well as soon as I finished with Dreams, it was straight into the edit of The Baby since Kits had finished that. Thank goodness it’s a public holiday here in Western Australia, today, because I have to read through this and get it sent to the proofreader by the 30th of September.

I really felt like I had more time with this one. It’s funny, I was talking to a friend at work last week and I said, “I really need to get going on Gabriel’s Album because it’s already November!”

He looked at me funny and was like, “Ummm, it’s September, Siân.” 🤣

The thing is, though, regardless of when it actually is, I’ve reached the point where I need to have the book to the proofreader in order to have it ready to upload for the November 18th release.

Which means that in order to have Gabriel’s Album ready for release by March 14th, I pretty much have four months to get it to the exact same point.

*gives self pep talk* So, no more writing extra books, lady. No more Wattys submissions. No more side project reverse harems. Focus on Gabriel and Ariana. Get their stuff sorted, then you can go out and play.

Of course, as soon as that’s done, I really should focus on smashing out a chapter or two of Harrison’s Wedding because nobody is mentally healthy enough to write that shit in a five week period like I did with The Wedding.

Anyway, The Baby is available for pre-order here and as always, if you do pre-order it, fill out this form to get one of the chapters rewritten from Sebastian’s POV a year before anyone else gets to read it. 😘


Last but very much not least, Chapter 20 – Meet the Parents is up now. If you haven’t read any of the YA novel yet. you can read it for free on Wattpad and you can find it here.

I hope your week is going brilliantly, but if it’s not, just keep swimming. You’re amazing and you’ve got this. 💗

Happy reading!

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