Kind of. Over 15,000 words were written back in 2008, when I initially had the idea for the story. So, I decided on the 1st of September that I was going to write and submit Dreams for the Wattys. With a deadline for submission of the 30th of September, that meant…slamming it out.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do Cheli and Matt’s story justice, but I really think that I did. When I was choosing an editor for The Baby, it came down to two editors. I ended up picking one of them, and was sad that I couldn’t pick both of them.

Since Kits was slammed this month editing The Baby in time for me to get it to the proofreader for the November release date, I decided to approach Vash and ask her if she was interested in working with me on Dreams. I was so glad that she said yes. Both editors have been sending me their edits as they go along, allowing a dialogue to occur, and for it to be a really collaborative experience.

I’m so incredibly happy with Dreams, the way I finally got this story that I’ve had in my head for so long to play out. It works, and it all ties together, and they’re just so damn cute. There’s so many things that I love about this book. I don’t expect it to win the Wattys, and as soon as the winners are announced, I’ll unpublish it from Wattpad and publish it for sale on Amazon since it will already have been edited.

I had a moment this morning where I considered just publishing it straight away and not submitting it for the Wattys. I think that’s self-sabotage, though. If I don’t submit it, then I don’t lose the competition because I never entered it. Even if I don’t win, at least I’ve tried, this way.

So far, I’ve worked through 21 chapters of edits. Once Vash sends me the remaining five chapters, I’ll edit them and send them back. She’ll give them a final onceover, then I’ll update Wattpad with the edited chapters, and then submit the book for the competition.

If you want to read the book, it’s available to read for free (for now!) on Wattpad by clicking here. If you like it, please vote for each chapter, it helps on Wattpad if people do that. Also, please share with anyone who you think might like it. And let me know your thoughts on it, it’s just…I love it so much.

Anyway, it’s 11:54pm here in Western Australia, and I’m falling asleep while I type this, so I’d better end this blog. I hope you’re having a brilliant week.

Happy reading!

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