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I hope that everyone’s staying safe. I know that the world is a little bit crazy and scary right now. For me, reading and writing has always been an escape from reality, so it’s nice that in this time, I can help provide that escape to other people.

I’ve been spending all my spare time writing the sequel to The Album. I just hit the 70,000 word mark and month seven of the twelve months that it takes place over. Basically, we’re in the back half of the book, people!

It’s on track for the 6th of June release date, Harrison’s 30th birthday and literally the date that the book starts, which I’m thrilled about. If I keep up this pace, I’ll be able to move on to writing Sebastian’s book in no time, which I’m kind of excited for. The dude is basically just sex on legs, who wouldn’t want to spend a month or two living in his world! 😉

Anyway, without further ado, I have three book promotions and four awesome books to tell you about today!

– Sian

The Get Lucky giveaway is a selection of steamy romance novels that I’ve joined on StoryOrigin. There’s some great books in this collection and I got The Promise to read. I’m a sucker for a troubled billionaire, I won’t even lie!

Check them out by clicking here!

This is a BookFunnel promotion with some pretty racy books in it! There’s a great selection of free books and samples, I’ve downloaded a couple myself and can’t wait to read them. I’m particularly looking forward to reading Her Secret Hero because it’s right up my alley.

Find these sexy books by clicking this link.

This is my final BookFunnel promotion for the month of March. Another selection of saucy books to read. I, personally, downloaded Seduced By The Boss from this selection. I won’t even lie, it totally made work awkward the next day.

My boss is awesome, but he’s no Everett! Ahhhhh, if only I had a boss like that…and I wasn’t married, with kids, I suppose. Shhhhhhhh, don’t ruin this for me!

If you want to check it out, and any of the other awesome books in the promotion, click here.

Patrick Sutton’s life is in turmoil and he just wants it to go back to normal. But normal doesn’t include Austin Yates, the feisty criminal attorney who wants to represent him at his upcoming trial. She’s not just his attorney, though, she’s also his submissive for the next eight weeks, and to say that complicates things would be an understatement. 

Austin thought her life was on the right track. Right up until she got passed over for a promotion… again. Feeling impulsive, she took a friend up on their offer of eight weeks of fun as a house submissive at Club Solitaire. It was supposed to be no-strings fun. She didn’t expect to grow so attached to Patrick, the brooding dominant business investor she’s playing this game with. 

When the police show up to arrest Patrick for a diamond heist, all thoughts of submissive adventure go out the window. She’s in attorney mode now, ready to defend her client. Patrick isn’t so easily distracted from their dynamic. Eight weeks, that’s what she agreed to and he wants her to hold up her end of the bargain. He knows he’s innocent, now they just have to find out who’s setting him up. Can Austin keep him out of prison, or will this trial tear them apart forever? 

Check it out here.

Elise Landry is friends with Gabrielle Boudreaux, they bonded over their single parent status. She’s a divorced actress forced out of Hollywood when she split from her more famous husband. But when she’s given the chance to resurrect her career on a famous dance show, she does so on one proviso, she’s partnered with the man who she grew up with and hasn’t seen in fourteen years.

Leo Westwood is the professional dancer who’s known for his hips and the way he shakes them. He’s confident with women, but none of them hold a candle to the girl he’s dreamed of every day since he first met her all those years ago. When he’s partnered with her on a dance show, he can’t quite believe it. Could this be his second chance at happiness or is Elise too broken?

When secrets from both their pasts threaten to tear them apart, Elise and Leo look certain to lose their chance of a happily ever after, or does family legend hold the key to the painful truth neither of them will want to face?

Get Easy Rumba by clicking here.

For commitment-phobe Lia, love means trusting someone enough to let them in. She’s not harboring some deep dark secret or a tortured soul; she’s simply scared to give her heart away. When Connor sparks her interest, she reluctantly gives the freshman a chance, unknowingly catalyzing a change in her love life. Suddenly, guys vie for her attention, and her heart is torn between the new, the old, and the familiar. While she’s busy with new experiences and conflicting feelings, Hawk is unraveling.

Lia doesn’t know how deep Hawk’s obsession goes. He’s always there, listening in, tracking her every move, and studying her. If not for his intervention, the guys from Lia’s past would have damaged her innocence and broken her heart. They possessed the ability to change his perfect girl into someone unrecognizable and unsuitable. In all his careful planning, Hawk’s become too comfortable and underestimates Connor’s ability to sneak his way into Lia’s heart.

Cameras and footage are no longer enough. Hawk infiltrates her inner circle and manipulates the people around her, using them to carry out his plan. The sudden onslaught of male attention slows him down, or rather, escalates his obsession into something a bit deadlier. If Lia dares to love someone other than Hawk, then he may not survive her love.

Don’t Dare Love is available now!

A young extraterrestrial woman sent to learn mathematics.

A grumpy professor.

Will a conference change their lives forever?

When Zora and her guardian, Jaina are sent to Earth from their planet Zagan to study mathematics, there is more at stake than learning. They will not only gain knowledge but will have their first contact with the human race.

Professor Henry Walker, lead lecturer at the conference, often leaves his long-time girlfriend, Gloria behind for his work. He’s rowdy and almost everyone complains about his teaching methods including his peers.

Then, the professor encountered Zora, a participant whose beauty pierced the sun. He knew she was not from this world.

Just when Professor Walker and Zora formally meet, the time is running out.

With a few days left, they must decide if Earth is ultimately worth it either of them staying behind for.

Find An Alien Got Me by clicking this link.

Last, but not least, The Album is available now! I’m so pleased with the response I’ve gotten to this book. It’s weird putting your work out to be judged by complete strangers and so nice when people like it once you do.

My favourite pieces of feedback have come from people who have read it where it’s not the genre they normally read in. To have someone who is a massive sci-fi fan read your book and say “I couldn’t put it down”, when there isn’t a skerrick of any sci-fi elements in it is incredibly pleasing!

In audiobook news, my selected narrator can’t do it until June. I’ve decided to ask for more auditions because in a worst case scenario, I end up adding an extra week before getting the audiobook files but maybe I’ll find someone else who is just as good and can do it sooner.

I’m a little bit scared about not going with my gut and sticking with her. I might find someone different, who is just as perfect. I really want the narrator to narrate all four books in the series, so it has to be someone who can do it right.

Anyway, until then, you can get The Album for reading with your eyeballs and not listening with your ear holes by clicking this link!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. I’ve got tomorrow off work and intend to dive in to Heather and Harrison’s world as much as I can over the weekend.

Please stay safe, stay home as much as you can and be kind to your fellow human beings. We’re all in this together. 💗

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