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This week, I’ve got two StoryOrigin giveaways, one BookFunnel giveaway and two books from indie authors like myself to share with you.

After that, I’ve got my usual weekly Cruise Control update. This week, you can look forward to hearing more about how long the third novel is and where the editing process is for book two.

I’ll also tell you all about the Young Adult novel I’ve started writing as a serialised novel that you can read totally for free on Wattpad, and you can find here. It tells the story of the band when they first met as teenagers.

So, let’s get into it, I guess!


BookFunnel giveaways are always huge, and the Bring on the Romance giveaway one is no different. It’s got 149 books in it, with a mixture of full books, samples, and excerpts.

So much romance to read, so little time! Check out these romance novels by clicking this link.

This is a StoryOrigin giveaway with 52 books in it. Guys, my phone is filled with books because every week, I get more when I’m doing these newsletters. I, personally, got The Billionaire Bachelor by Sloane Peterson.

I don’t know why, but I’m really feeling billionaires lately (that was a weird sentence to type!). This book mixes the billionaire romance genre with one of my favourite trashy reality TV formats, so I can’t wait to read it!

You can find all these hot books here.

This is another chance to get The Album for free! I’m in another group review giveaway. Because I just don’t have enough going on in my life right now, I’m going to review How To Date Your Ex.

I really wanted to review How To Date Your Boss, but it was only available for review on the marketplace and I’m geo-restricted to I am very much a sad panda right now! 😭

Anyway, there are 15 books for review in this giveaway and I would love it if any of you wanted to review The Album. You can check out the books by clicking this link.


Finding Faith was written by USA Today Bestselling Author Reana Malori…

Cooper Branson wasn’t ready to move on. His life was just fine the way it was and no one could make him change. At least, not willingly. He wore his Widower badge with honor and forced himself to live his life only for his daughter, Madison. Falling for his attractive neighbor was not in the cards for him. It didn’t matter that she was the first person he thought of in the morning or the last voice he needed to hear before falling asleep at night. Loving someone and running the risk of losing them again was not a risk he was willing to take.

Faith Douglas was ready to reinvent herself. After a hurtful betrayal by her closest friend, Faith was determined to live life for herself. The first step to her new outlook on life was doing something she would have never done before. Walking across the lawn and saying hello to her new, hunky neighbor was the bravest thing she had done in a long time. How was she to know that the man would become her world and his daughter would steal her heart? What she never expected was to stand in the shadow of another woman while the man she loved looked right through her.

Finding out who you are, while ignoring the expectations of others, is the toughest path anyone can take. Cooper and Faith have to decide if they’re able to move on from the hurt of the past to find their future.

This one sounds like it will be a really sweet and emotional read. Check out Finding Faith by clicking here.


He looks at me and I forget to breathe.

He touches me and the world falls away.

He’s made me an offer I can’t refuse, full college tuition in exchange for becoming his.

But everything is so confusing. How do I know what I want? Who I want to be when I can’t even think straight?

What if this isn’t healthy? Maybe I should get out while I still can.

Or maybe I should say screw the world and die in his arms…

Guys, did I mention that I’m really feeling billionaires, lately? Yeah. I went right ahead and bought this book to read. Add it to my reading list, I guess! Get Bought By a Billionaire from Amazon by clicking this link.


Okay, if you’re a new subscriber, settle in…this part of my weekly newsletters generally gets long. It’s where I give you all the latest news and information as to where the Cruise Control series is at.

I’ll see if I can try and make it a little shorter this week for you guys, but I don’t like my chances!


It has occurred to me, right this second, that there isn’t a lot going on with The Album at the moment. I’m still waiting on the proper reformat so that paperbacks and hardcovers can be sold again. If you want to buy it as an eBook, it’s available here.

Unfortunately, it’s been delayed because the company that does my proof-reading and formatting had a big project to work on and I’ve asked them to put The Album aside because it’s more important that they work on…


…this. I’m spending basically my whole weekend working on the edit, which I’ve had put aside for the last week. I had something of an existential crisis as an author this week. I read that any book over 110,000 words is “too long”, especially for romance. Cue panic meltdown.

The Wedding is 122,000 words long and my editor said my readers “would be better served with a 90,000-word novel than a 122,000-word tome”. Sigh. I’m sorry, guys, I can’t cut that much out of it.

On top of that, nobody that has read it has said anything about it being too long. Six people have rated it on Goodreads, one person who is a friend, and five people who were all just people who read The Album and reviewed it, so I reached out to them to see if they wanted to review the sequel.

The most recent feedback I got was that the person didn’t want it to end! So…I don’t know. She definitely has some top-notch edits in there, but massive cuts just aren’t something that I want to do. I think the benefit of being an indie author is being able to say, “not today!” and keep all the bits I really love, I guess.

Someone did suggest to keep any big cuts that I do so that I can send them out as gifts to you guys here and there. Ooooooh, I am actually making one quite large change. I’ll keep all of that and sometime down the track, you guys can get the “alternate ending” (maybe in the lead up to the release of The Baby?). 😘

In the meantime, this tome of a romance novel can be pre-ordered here.


First and foremost, that is just a silly cover I made for now! It has a proper cover coming, I promise. One that fits the theme of the series. The same company that does my proof-reading and formatting do my covers and they’re pretty slammed, as I mentioned. So, my book that isn’t being released until November takes a back seat, that’s for sure!

Right, so…this guy. Where were we? *checks last week’s email* Ah, yes…96,959 words and so very creatively blocked! It currently sits at precisely 110,000 words and now I’m giggling because last week I told you that I’d only added 13,071 words to it in two weeks and this week I’ve added 13,041 words to it. I’m sorely tempted to go and write 30 words on it now, but then it would be 110,030 words and that’s less pretty, anyway.

Basically, yes, I’ve written stuff on it. I got over my crap enough to write some more of it. I did also spend a few hours last weekend writing a one-shot that is 4,576 words long, as well. It will almost certainly never see the light of day because it’s to do with my secret favourite ship in the Cruise Control world, I wrote about it in my blog here if you want to find out more about it.


Last, but very much not least! I’m kind of actually proud of this cover that I made myself in Canva. I sort of adore it a lot. For a while now, I’ve been toying in my head with the idea of writing a Young Adult novel about Cruise Control when they first met as teenagers. If you’re interested, you can find it here, and it’s totally free to read!

I had thought that I would finish the main series first and then just see if there was any interest in the idea of a YA series. But, I’m me, and apparently now that I’ve started writing and sharing my stories with the world, I can’t stop.

Have I mentioned that it took me almost ten years to write The Album? That is to say that I did NaNoWriMo ten years ago and wrote 50,000 words in a month. Then, I wrote nothing on it for about seven years, until Becky hassled me for the ending. I sat on a completed novel for a couple of years and then sat on an edited novel for another year. Finally, I ended up publishing it with a month turnaround.

Basically, the rewrite was uncalled for and wouldn’t have been necessary if I’d had my crap together! My point is that I think I was scared. I was scared to put my writing out there to be judged. Now that I’ve done it, I know that one-star reviews are painful, but they’re not the end of the world. It just means that your book wasn’t for them, but there are plenty of people who it is for.

I also know that I really, really like people reading my books and what I’m writing. I like escaping into another world and being able to give other people a world to escape to. I also like to think that I’ll get better the more that I write, too. So, that’s why I decided to just go ahead and start writing the YA novel on Wattpad.

For people who don’t know, Wattpad is basically a social media platform entirely for reading and writing stories. I’ve known about it for a while, obviously, but I never got into it because I was still too scared for people to read my stuff. I signed up for it a couple of months ago and didn’t do anything because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write there.

Wattpad chapters are generally shorter than book chapters, I’m trying to keep mine at 1,500-2,000 words. I’m treating it as a bit of a writing exercise. I’m getting to know Hayden more. I also get the challenge of writing Young Adult, rather than romance. I switched immediately from finishing a chapter of Sebastian to writing some more of The Baby and it’s a fascinating experience.

I’m definitely more in my “comfort zone” when writing the adult stuff, but I like the challenge. Because it’s Young Adult, I have to focus on scaling back the language I use, getting into a different mindset and it’s actually harder and takes me so much longer to write than any of the novels where they’re adults.

So yeah, I started doing that on Wednesday and I’ve written 6 chapters so far. It’s sitting at 9,753 words. I love writing about baby Cruise Control and just seeing where all of their jokes and friendships started. I’m low-key planning to continue this with four books, one for each of the guys and following their journey from meeting through to signing their record deal and preparing to go on their first tour…hmmmm, I wonder what happens then? 🤔🤣

Anyway, as usual, this email has gotten too long and turned into a semi-blog. Off, I go to do some editing…okay, a lot of editing…but probably very little cutting!

Have a great weekend, and stay safe!

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