Are you having a great weekend?

I really hope you are. It’s a long weekend here in Western Australia and I’m spending it reading books, continuing to write the sequel to ‘The Album’ (as of this morning, it’s sitting at 27,277 words long) and spending time with my husband and sons.

I’ve been a bit scared to send any emails to you guys, I’m so pleased that you have subscribed to my newsletter and I’d like you to stick around, which leaves me scared to do anything that might make people unsubscribe.

I guess, though, if you don’t like my writing in newsletters, you probably won’t like my books! Plus, I have things to say, so buckle in because here we go…

More free sexy book samples!

So, I’ve joined in on another BookFunnel promotion full of steamy romance samples, this one has samples from 60 books, ‘The Album’ included.

I know that most of you subscribed from last week’s BookFunnel promotion that I was a part of and I’m so glad to have you here! I really am honoured that you liked my sample of ‘The Album’ enough to want to be a part of the Cruise Control journey. If you’re getting this email, you are one of my first subscribers so I hope you enjoy being here with me from the very start!

If you’re interested in reading some samples of other steamy romance books, you can find them all by clicking this link.

My word, this book…

So, I’m spending a lot of time on Amazon and BookFunnel in preparation for the launch of ‘The Album’. Somehow, in my travels, I came across this book.

Sweet, leaping baby jesus, it’s hot! It holds the honour of being the first book I’ve read that wasn’t my own since I finished writing ‘The Album’. I’ve been doing a constant series of re-reads of ‘The Album’ to edit it and now I’m writing the sequel which hasn’t left me time to read anything else, really.

I started with the sample on Amazon and got hooked. I ended up finishing it in three days between work and writing. Something you should know about me, though, is that I’m not a quick reader. When I was younger, I got self-conscious about that and decided to learn how to speed read. The first thing you have to do is turn off the voice in your head that reads the words aloud. Dislike. 0/10, would not recommend.

Basically, I resigned myself way back then to a life of slow, but pleasurable reading and good gravy was this book pleasurable! I had thought that my books leaned towards erotica in places because I use naughty words like “masturbation” and “clit” but nothing on the level of this! I am firmly “steamy fiction” or maybe even just “sex positive fiction” since the focus of my book isn’t particularly on the sex. Is that even a thing? Anyway, I know now that I definitely do not fit into the category of erotica!

Basically, I was so addicted to this book that I downloaded the audiobook so I could listen to it at work as well…it’s not awkward at all when someone comes to talk to you at your desk and you have to pull your headphones out of your ears to turn off your erotic novel so you can speak to them, by the way! 😏

I’ve since moved on to another book by TL Swan called ‘Mr. Masters’ and I’m enjoying it so far. I think I might be becoming a fan! If you want to check out ‘The Stopover’, you can do so by clicking here.


The Ladies Love Literature Sale is still going for 6 more days. If you haven’t checked it out yet, definitely click this link and take a look.

Last, but definitely not least!

You can pre-order ‘The Album’ here (if that link tells you that pre-order isn’t available for this title, you may have to search it on your local Amazon store).

The release of ‘The Album’ is just 14 days away, now! That is completely and utterly insane. I’m spending so much of my time in the world of Heather and Harrison in ‘The Wedding’ now as I’m writing it, that it’s a little bit crazy to me that there are people out there who don’t know Gabriel and Ariana’s story, yet.

Today is the day that ‘The Album’ goes off for proof reading and formatting, ready for upload to all available platforms. I’m so excited, I can’t wait! It’s odd, even though that will officially be the day I become a published author, I’m really just excited for people to finally get to meet the characters that I’ve had in my head for so long.

I truly do hope that you all fall in love with Gabriel and Ariana and the rest of Cruise Control. I wrote a book that I love and want to read, for me reading (and writing, I guess) is a chance to escape to another world and if I can give that same gift to other people, then I’ll be pleased.

My characters are real people with real emotions and flaws. My biggest fan, who is commonly referred to as “my mum”, has read ‘The Album’ possibly as many times as me and she is one of the people who is reading ‘The Wedding’ chapter by chapter as I write it. We literally had a 45 minute heated discussion the other day about the motivations behind some of my characters’ thoughts and actions.

If any of you end up half as passionate about my writing and characters as Mum is, I’ll be stoked. We can start a book club or something.

On that note, I’m off to spend some time with Heather in New York. I hope you’re having an awesome weekend and if you’re still reading this super long email, just know how awesome you are and that I really appreciate you taking time out of your daily life to read my ramblings.

Also, I hope you apprecate my ability to restrain from giving this email a cheesy Leap Day related subject…the tempation was strong, I can assure you!

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