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Today, I’ve got three giveaways and five books to tell you about, then the Cruise Control update. Let’s get into it!

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This StoryOrigin promotion has 29 books that are all available in Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t have KU, they’re available to buy, obviously. Now that my books are in KU, I can take part in these and find a lot more books that are free to read for KU users.

I grabbed “Who Wants To Kiss A Billionaire?” because I loved the idea of having to find a woman to fall in love with him without knowing he’s rich. Such a cute storyline!

Get those books!

This BookFunnel giveaway only has about a week left on it, now. There are 21 books in it, all romance and available to download and check out.

Some are samples, some are full books, but it’s worth looking to see if you like any of them.

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This BookFunnel promotion has 136 awesome books in it to check out. Actually quite a few different genres, but lots of romance novels in there.

I am now deep into the “Call Girls” series by Emma Jaye. I feel like I’m permanently at my 10-book limit for Kindle Unlimited, too. I basically don’t return books until I go to get another one out…am I the only one doing this? I can’t be the only one like this, right!

Click here to see books


Working beyond nine to five and barely getting by, Melanie Thomas is eager to celebrate the impending holiday season and to toast the start of her dream marketing job over drinks with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, he has different plans—like seeing other women.

Indulging in a pity party with tequila, Melanie confides in a sexy stranger at the bar. It’s almost Christmas, one night of letting go won’t hurt anything, right? Turns out it just might—when the stranger is her new boss. Determined to succeed at her job, Melanie won’t be scared away. This is her chance, even if her hot boss has her feeling all merry and bright and wishing for a less than professional relationship.

Get Mine to Five

I never got to go to college because my family needed money for my little sister’s cancer treatment.
That was the start of putting myself last and putting my family first, which is also how I end up auctioning myself off at a fundraiser.
When my boss makes the winning bid, I can’t help but wonder if it’s just professional courtesy or if he is interested in something more.
Tobias Kline is sexy, demanding, and makes me feel like I’m someone special.
When life gets crazy, can I say no to my family and finally put myself first?

I’ve always been the responsible older sibling, putting in long hours and taking care of the family business.
My latest required appearance is at a date auction. I have no intention of participating, but when my long-time office assistant appears on the stage, I know I’m not letting her go home with anyone else.
Nina Rodriguez is curvy, smart, and makes me want to have fun for the first time in a long time.
At this point in my life, maybe it’s time to change my priorities.

Get Dirty Boss

A new job and a new city every few months is what Tess lives for. The adventure of constant change drives her passion for travel nursing. At least that’s what she’s been telling herself for years. Going back home for a family wedding, her sister sets her up on a blind date and Tess quickly falls for Evan, the perfect gentleman, even if it was for one night only.

When her next move takes her home for the summer, a chance encounter brings her right back into Evan’s arms. However, falling in love quickly brings up old memories and flashbacks from a time Tess had long ago tried to forget. The deeper in love she falls, the more she realizes how the events of the past have shaped who she is. Tess must dig deep within herself, reliving the past, and question her real reasons for living her life the way she does if she wants to truly fall in love.

At the end of the summer, will Tess stay for Evan or accept her next travel nursing assignment?

Get Runaway Tess

Dr. Danielle “Dani” Phelps is a no-nonsense doctor quite used to getting her way around an ER she has made her home for years.

The moment that Dr. James Duncan enters her proverbial home, nothing can ever be the same.

Get An Unexpected Love


I’ve never been the type to catch a man’s eye.

But when I saw James looking at me as I stepped into that interview room, I realized I was floored.

Was there really a chance for a curvy girl like me?

He says he sees me for my skills, but I know his eyes kept darting over to my backside. Is this for real?


From the moment I saw Ellen, I couldn’t believe it.

I wanted her.

Those alluring curves, that banging body. But I had to keep a professional image. After all, I was the CEO of a company.

But sometimes the head cheese likes to act out a little, and I’m definitely the type who loves to act out.

Get Mr. Richard


All right so where are we at? Highlights this week? The Album hit a rank in the 7,000s in the whole Kindle store, which was pretty cool.

I’ve got another author interview to do this week, I need to get on to replying to that. Other than that, it’s mostly just book-specific stuff, so I’ll move on to that.


As I said, this hit a rank in the 7,000s which I was stoked about. I know, this probably isn’t exciting for a lot of authors, but it was for me.

I’ve actually stopped reading reviews, I just can’t do it. Whether they’re good or bad, they get in my head. My books just aren’t for some people and they are for other people. I love hearing back directly from you guys, though, so don’t hesitate to ever hit reply to my emails and shoot me a line!

I’m also hoping that if you’re reading this, my books are for you!

(Minor spoiler warning here for anyone who hasn’t read The Album, yet.)

I love my characters, even Ariana. I love the way that she has grown as a human being over the course of the series and I will forever be rewriting this book if I try and get it to a point where everyone likes her.

I have to accept that the way she acted for a lot of her own story was based in her fears and anxiety and that she doesn’t come off the best until later in the series. She really shines in The Wedding, in my opinion. It’s where we get to see exactly how much she’s changed.


Ooooooh, so a couple of things. I’ve signed the contract for the audiobook of The Wedding to be made, which is very exciting. I’ve put this one ahead of the audiobook for The Album, because I’m still waiting on the proper format of the manuscript.

Until I have that, I’m hesitant to proceed with the audiobook because it has to be exact to qualify for Amazon’s whispersync with Audible.

I haven’t had a chance to go back to the company that does my formatting to do that, but I really need to get onto it ASAP.

Anyway, the other news is that because my books are in Kindle Unlimited, I’ve been able to enter The Wedding in the Kindle Storyteller contest. I don’t expect that it will win, but gosh wouldn’t that be amazing if it did? At least I get the option of entering it, now, which is cool.


This is sitting at 134,367 words, now, which means I wrote 5,367 words this week. I think that I was pooped after forcing myself to write 10,000 words last week.

I do feel like I’m getting back into it, though. I joked in the Facebook Group this week that giving updates on this book is like being in Groundhog Day because I had seven chapters left to write at the time and I swear that I’ve said that at least three times before.

After tonight, we’re down to six chapters left…six…scheduled…chapters. That’s important to note, because I keep adding chapters that are for important events that can’t be skipped. As it was, one of my alpha readers complained that, “you said they were going to find out X, but you skipped that.”

I just cannot follow EVERY SINGLE DAY of their lives, unfortunately! Otherwise I’ll, a) be writing this book forever and b) it’ll be 500,000 words long by the time it’s finished. It is positive that people are hassling me to read more, it means that at the very least my alpha readers are enjoying it, so far!


Last but not least, I did actually write a chapter of Sebastian, this week! You can find Chapter 11 – Bonfires Are Amazing (because they are!) by clicking here or you can start from the beginning by clicking the cover up there.

It’s pretty cute and I have mentally planned out the next few chapters, so I’ve got a plan for where it’s going. I do need to properly outline it at some point, instead of just writing whatever randomly happens.

I’m still toying with the idea of releasing Dreams on Wattpad as I write it, then removing it when it goes on Kindle, but I’ll see. I think that I need to stay focused on The Baby for now, or I’ll never get those six(?) chapters written!

Anyway, this email is long, as usual! I hope you enjoy the last part of your weekend and, as always, happy reading!

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