It’s finally the weekend!

Alright, we all know that every day is Blursday right now, but technically it IS the weekend. Today, I’ve got a couple of StoryOrigin promotions and five books for you to check out.

I also have a MAJOR update on The Album after that.

I’ve been busy writing Sebastian and Lita’s book, The Baby, since I last sent a newsletter. It’s sitting at 83,888 words now. I adore it. They’re just so funny and cute together.

Look, we all knew that it would take a strong woman to tame Sebastian Fox, and Lita can handle his shit. She calls him out on all the stuff that we’ve been seeing in books one and two that, really, his friends should’ve called him out on long ago instead of enabling him. Nonetheless, it makes for a very amusing book to read.

Heather and Harrison’s book, The Wedding, is with my editor. She finished her initial read-through yesterday and is starting her edit now. I re-read it before I sent it off to her to find any last changes and this is, without a doubt, one of my favourite quotes from it.

I love Heather and Harrison, they’ve been together for ten years and their love is just so beautiful. I can’t wait for you guys to read it when it comes out on the 6th of June.

It’s available for pre-order here.

As promised…books!

I’ve selected five books to introduce you to and am taking part in two StoryOrigin promotions. One is a second chance romance promotion and the other is all genres where the book is a series starter. So, here we go!

Second chance romances are ones where the main characters find their way back to each other. As we all know, Ariana and Gabriel fall in love but end up having a separation, so The Album definitely falls into this category. I hope you enjoy these types of stories as much as I do!

You can check out this promotion here.

This is a selection of books where every book is the start of a series. Not all books here are romance but, my word, there are some interesting books here! I’ll admit to mostly reading romance but I certainly don’t mind a good murder mystery when it crosses my path and am openly a fan of anything Stephen King writes, so I personally got The Reluctant Coroner. I have no regrets.

Check out this promotion by clicking this link.

Turns out we both need to score… a second chance hockey romance.

I can’t be alone. But I can’t be in a relationship. And now I can’t even score on the ice. I’m in a slump.
I figure an off-limits pet sitter is just what I need. Until I see who the agency sent me.
Winter Allen is standing all grown up at my front door.
She’s my hat-trick: the looks, the heart, and the history.
I let her run off to Broadway because she deserved to follow her teenage dreams as much as I did.
We both got everything we wanted. So why does she look so damn lonely?

I didn’t plan to see Hunter Storm again. And I don’t plan to tell him why I’m back home in New Orleans.
But after one devilish grin, my body tells me Hunter’s the only man who can help me.
Turns out we both need to score again. So who’s to say it’s a bad idea to mix his fire and my gasoline?
What are we doing? I’m not sure, but it feels too good to stop.

You can find Easy Puck here.

When life as you know it ends, do you give up the fight or take a chance on a new beginning?

After almost losing his life in a horrific plane crash, Warren Parker locks himself away in a humble beach rental where he can hide from the world. As he finally makes his way out of the shadows and into the sun, he discovers that sometimes when you step outside of your own world, you find a whole new one is waiting.

Resilient and driven Ali Price is determined not to let her ex- husband take anything else from her. She’s been hurt before and knows she has what it takes to bounce back. With a water tight five year plan to get her life on track, Ali won’t let anything stand in her way.

When a stranger arrives in town with mysterious green eyes and a desolate expression, will Ali’s plan fall to pieces, or will a serendipitous meeting bring two healing hearts together at a time when they both need someone more than they care to admit?

Parker Airlines is ready to fly you away to beautiful beaches and exotic green rainforests. Download Take Me Anywhere and enjoy your flight.

Take Me Anywhere is available here.

Sky can lose everything. Trey will fight to prove his loyalty.

My parents are my nightmare.
Use and abuse is their game, and all I want is for them to leave.
Then I got my dream job, travel the world, live the dream.
While dancing on a night out, I see one hell of a sexy smile, that took my breath away.
But we live different lives, and I keep telling him that, but Trey’s not listening.

My family is my strength.
The game is my life.
Until I glanced at the dancefloor, and saw her.
One look and she took my breath away.
Now she’s about to go on a ride with this baller.
Sky’s now my girl, she can keep saying it won’t last, but I’ll prove her wrong.

Our families are set to destroy US.
One will go all the way to rob them, the other will do anything to end them.

Check out High Baller by clicking this link.

Kellis Ivarsson was warned not to get her honey where she gets her money. But isn’t forbidden honey the sweetest… especially when the sweet temptations are two hunky high-tech execs at a powerful multi-national company?

Kellis could end up with an easy ride up the corporate ladder with the man of her sexy fantasies or a ruined reputation and a shattered heart. If she wants to keep her job, she must play a high-stakes corporate love game. Which man will she choose? Who would you choose?

Standalone M/F contemporary love triangle work romance. Steamy, sexy, unpredictable and fun.

Love Contract is available right now and you can get it by clicking this link.

When Joanna McAlister took a job with Black Gold Energy as an environmental engineer she knew she was in for a challenge. It’s not easy to be idealistic and want to save the world and still make a living, but for Joanna this was her opportunity to do both.

What she didn’t count on were Aris and Derek, her two bosses on the new project. They were handsome, they were driven and they wanted her. She never imagined she would be the kind of woman to attract one handsome man, much less two. Is she ready for what they want?

Will a potential cover up on the project threaten not only their love but their livelihood as well?

Must she give up everything she’s ever wanted for her life… for love?

Or can she really have it all?

The Power of Love is a steamy menage romance with a curvy heroine where the Happily Ever After is a guarantee!

The Power of Love is available here.

Okay, so I always tend to end these newsletters with an update on The Album. This one is a doozy. So…I decided to re-write it. There, we have it. For those who have read it, or even the preview, you’ll know that it’s told in flashback format.

It’s become apparent as I’ve been writing The Wedding and The Baby that this format of storytelling doesn’t fit within the rest of the series. More importantly, I feel like the way the story is told doesn’t do Ariana justice.

I just got a phone call from my mum as I was writing this to you guys. As we all know, she is The Album’s biggest fan. She just finished reading the re-write and she told me that if she could only read one version of it for the rest of her life, she would choose the re-write. That cements it.

I’m going to put a minor spoiler warning here and notice of where it ends below:

The story is essentially exactly the same. All it does is take the flashback aspect away. All of those current day concert bits are moved to a chapter at the end. As a result, we don’t know that Ariana leaves. It means that we get more invested in their relationship and her emotions.

It makes Ariana seem less frustrating and we can be more sympathetic towards her. I also re-wrote some of the concert bits because in the original, she starts out defending her decision but really by the time she attends the concert she’s worked hard on herself and knows she fucked up.

She also repeatedly owns her shit about leaving, so didn’t deserve for people to hate her or find her frustrating. She was only tenty-two years old and was on tour with a rock star while suffering from major anxiety and self-worth issues but everyone kept reading it through the lens of “she had no reason to leave”. So nobody really gave her a chance.

Spoilers end here:

Anyway, it’s now off for editing and formatting again while I’m looking into the best way to get the update out there. Technically, the book hasn’t changed massively, just moved most of the same words around. I don’t know how this works with Amazon, whether I can just re-upload the file and push the changes out or if I have to unpublish the original and re-publish the new one.

Either way, I’m sure I’ll upset somebody. You can’t please everybody, but I need to be happy with the stories I’m telling and the way they fit in the series.

I should also give a major shoutout to my editor, Dana, who told me this during editing. I tried writing it that way, but was still stuck on the flashback format and didn’t think of re-doing it this way! I also didn’t trust my writing enough to keep people engaged in their love story when clearly I know now that people do like reading stuff that I write…even when I bork the way I told the story, entirely!

All of the chapters are still songs, it’s just a much better story and you don’t find out the meaning of the chapter titles until you realise that it’s a concert and Ariana is in attendance once you’ve read through all of the song chapters and come across An Unfortunate Win, which is now chapter fifteen instead of being chapter one.

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a brilliant weekend. If you’ve made it to this part of my email, I love you! You’re the best and you have all of my thanks for reading this much of my ramblings! 😘

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