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So, after a massive week of news last week, I don’t have huge amounts to share this week. Though, I do have a confession to make about the secret Cruise Control world…

I do have three BookFunnel giveaways and two books to share with you before I do get into the Cruise Control news that I do have to share.

Let’s get to it!


Okay, so this BookFunnel giveaway is huge, There are 219 books in this one and they’re all free samples, excerpts, or full novels.

I got Accidental Roommate. Another week, another billionaire romance for me to read, I guess! 🙈

Get those books!

This BookFunnel promotion has 141 romance books in it. I read A Billion Times No by Kenzie Reed ages ago, and I’ve got The Belle and the Biker to read, which is the follow-up book to that.

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Last group BookFunnel promotion this week is a Kindle Unlimited one with 66 books in it.

All of them are in Kindle Unlimited, so free to read with a KU subscription, otherwise you can purchase them n Amazon, as well.

I definitely recommend checking out Whisper in the Dark. Shifter romances aren’t normally my thing, but I was fascinated by the cover when I saw it and I was not disappointed!

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I was eleven when I met Chase Adams. I loved him before I knew what lovin’ was. 
I pulled, he pushed. 
I gave, he took. 
I loved… I lost. 
Now he’s back. All grown up and sexy as sin. 
But things changed while he was gone. So, he can show those dimples and flex those muscles all he wants. It won’t change a thing. 
Chase Adams is nothin’ but a lost memory. I’ll do everything I can to keep him that way. 


Growing up, there were only two women I ever loved. 
Neither one of them ever really loved me back. 
Until her. Alina. My Goldi. 
She was everything that’s good. I was the bad. 
She was the brightest goddamn star. I was the black hole shredding her to pieces. 
I loved her wrong, losing her to my demons. 
But now I’m back. A better man. 
I’ll do everything I can to make her remember us, even if all she wants is to forget.

Get Beneath the Stars

She told lies – and he believed them.
She hesitated to fall for him – but he showed her true love.
She took the risk of loving him – and he found out the truth.

Adam Mason lost his memory, but Georgia McKinley found him. She chose to tell him lies to keep him on her ranch. Her lies made them fall in love with each other.

But, can something real come from being based on a bed of lies?

Get Beauty and Her Lies


Okay, so I do have updates on four books. Not massive ones because…confession time, here’s what I got (random Hamilton for you)…

Anyone who’s been subscribed for a looooong time will know that a while back, I wrote a blog where I admitted that I had secret Cruise Control writings with my secret favourite non-canon ship.

 I said that these writings would never see the light of day…well, that was back when there were only two one-shots. Things have gotten…a teeny tiny bit out of hand. There’s now, you know, an entire fricking alternate universe going on.

It’s gotten so far out of hand that it’s at a point where I’ve added 15,000 words to that universe this week. I’ve decided that when I’m done, I’m going to file the serial numbers off and release it as a standalone reverse harem erotica novel. It’ll still be about a band and set in the Cruise Control world, but it won’t be about Cruise Control.

Yes, I’m aware that filing the serial numbers off is normally something that is done when people write fan fiction and decide to turn it into a novel of their own. It’s not normally done by an author writing fan fiction of their own work. 🤣


So, um, because I spent a lot of my time this week writing off-brand Cruise Control smut, I haven’t added a huge amount to Gabriel’s Album. It’s currently at 26,465 words, now. I’m into the sixth chapter.
 I’m very much enjoying writing it, though. I actually think that it’s going to be better than The Album. It’s…different. We get to see more of the band together and that’s a lot of fun.

What I find fascinating, in particular, is how people seem very different when viewed through someone else’s eyes. Heather, in particular, came across as really sweet and lovely in The Album, but she’s more herself in Gabriel’s Album (and you see her being more like this with Ariana in The Baby).

Just for fun, I’m going to give you an excerpt because…I don’t know, it just made me laugh so damn hard and I want to share it with someone long before March 14th next year!

They get us checked in quickly and I make my way over to Ariana while they’re doing it. I don’t touch her until we’re all standing at the elevators and there’s a large enough group around to hide us from anyone who’s looking.

I slip my arm around her waist as we get into the elevator and it’s like the world has righted itself. Everything is better when she’s in my arms. In every city we go to, though, Ariana insists on checking in to her hotel room and going there, first. As if everybody we’re traveling with has no clue that she and I are together.

When the elevator stops at level three, Ariana gives me a quick kiss on the lips before she gets out.

As soon as the doors close, Sebastian says, “Why does she even bother going to her room?”

“What do you mean?” I ask him, but I’m kind of unsurprised that he’s thinking the same thing as me.

“Does she think we don’t know she’s going to be up in your room, screaming your name before lunchtime?” Sebastian smirks at me.

“Sebastian Fox!” Heather glares at him.

“What?” Sebastian gives her an innocent smile.

“You’re putting far too much faith in Gabriel’s sexual capabilities. It’ll take him at least until midnight to have her screaming his name.”

Sebastian bursts into laughter along with Heather, and even Harrison and Hayden are chuckling while I roll my eyes at them.

“Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“Hey, I’m just going on what I’ve been told.” Heather shrugs.

I narrow my eyes at her. “Just what have you been told?”

The doors open at level ten, and Heather walks backward through them with a grin on her face, “I would never betray Ariana’s confidence.”

She mimes zipping her lips as she spins around to head toward her room, and I laugh at her.

“You know I hate you, right?” I call out because she’s walking off quickly.

Heather flips me the bird over her head as she keeps walking down the corridor.

“Very mature, Heather York!”

She’s obviously found the room that she and Harrison are staying in because she swipes the keycard in her hand against the door, turns to grin at me, then blows me a kiss as she opens it and walks inside.

I love getting to see the band like this. They’ve been friends for a very long time and their in-jokes and camaraderie are so enjoyable.

Also, just, Heather acting like she’s going to tell Seb off and then heavily implying that Ariana has told her Gabriel is bad in bed (which he isn’t and she hasn’t).

With friends like these… 🤣


As for The Wedding, I heard back from the narrator and OMG, the recording of the updated sample was so utterly perfect. I was completely ecstatic!

I can’t wait to have this in audiobook. Of course, when I get it, that means I have to listen to it again to approve the audio. This is my favourite book in the series, and yet, it’s the hardest for me to read.

I love Harrison and Heather’s story, but it’s definitely not light-hearted fun. Then again, I guess none of my books are…that’s probably why I have to write smut on the side so I can feel better. 😉


No real update for this one, it’s with the editor and I probably won’t have a lot to say about it until she comes back with something.

I do still have a bit of work to do on this, though. I need to finish off the chapter headings (I gave up around week seventeen) as well as work on the manual coding of the eBook. I want to make it so that the things that Lita and Sebastian say to each other in Italian can link back and forth to the translations.

I could have them then say something in English to clarify what was said, but often when they speak in Italian, it’s specifically so the people around don’t understand.

In the end, there were 13 end notes, so there’s only 13 instances of Italian lines in the book (though “Posso bacciarti?” is said repeatedly). Nonetheless, I will need to code those links manually because I don’t think any software does it automatically which is a bummer.

In the meantime, The Baby is available for pre-order here and if you pre-order it, let me know so I can add you to the list of people who are getting the Sebastian chapter a year early. 😘


Last, but definitely not least…there is a new chapter of Sebastian this week. I could hardly admit to you that I’d spent half the week writing Cruise Control erotica and then confess that I’d done that instead of writing the chapter of Sebastian that I’m meant to write!

This week’s update is Chapter 16 – Working Together and it’s basically exactly what we all knew would happen at the end of the day. It was still very satisfying to see it happen, though.

If you’re new to the YA novel, it’s a serialised novel that is available to read for free on Wattpad and you can find it here.

That’s it for this week. Sorry this newsletter is later than usual. It’s winter here in Australia, and it’s been pretty windy today, so our power went out earlier which meant I couldn’t get this out sooner.

Happy reading!

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