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Hey guys, welcome to the weekend! As usual, I’m here to talk books, Cruise Control and whatever random things pops into my head while writing this!

So…the elephant in the room. 365 DNI…who watched it? Unpopular opinion, but I didn’t hate the thing that everyone hated about it. I’m trying not to give spoilers, here, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, yet.

I started a Facebook group this week for talking books and romance, where we discussed it. You can find that group here and you’re welcome to join us, otherwise, feel free to email me back and tell me your thoughts on the movie!

Meanwhile, it’s book time…


This is a BookFunnel giveaway and it says unlimited reads, but there are only 95 books in it, so is it really unlimited, I ask you?

 I suppose “Limited To 95 Romance Reads” doesn’t have the same ring to it, and technically, you could read these books over and over again for the rest of your life if you so chose.

Okay…unlimited reads, it is! 😉

Get those books!

So, this BookFunnel promotion has 114 books that are all new releases in June. Hint hint, The Wedding is in there…I still can’t believe that it’s finally out!

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This is a BookFunnel giveaway with 39 books in it. There’s not a huge amount of books, but it’s definitely worth checking out…let’s just say that I saw the word “billionaire” a lot on that page, and you know me and billionaires!

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After spending months at sea I don’t want just another one-night stand, I want a girl who I can make mine. When I finally find her, a higher-ranking officer intervenes and pushes her away…


She caught more than just my eye from across the bar.
There something about this girl, I can’t explain what it is, but I know I have to make her mine. 

Just as we’re getting to know each other, an overly intoxicated Aaron runs his mouth and chases her away.

After what he just did, I don’t know if she’ll ever want to see me again.


I don’t know why Maverick is pursuing me, he’s so out of my league. 

I don’t know what to make of it, especially after how his friend treated me.

Should I give him another chance?

Get Obsessed With His Curvy Girl

Discover a gripping collection of time traveler romance stories…
With period-perfect details, dashing heroes, and settings ranging from 1950s New York to war-torn 387 BC Ireland, this page-turning anthology will leave you begging for more!

Stories included:

Traveler by JC Cooper

Consoling Angel by Denise Alicea

Fireworks by Denise Alicea

Destined by Denise Alicea

Get Destined

He refused to face his past…so it came crashing into his present.

LA Times investigative reporter Jesse McMillan scores the biggest story of his career. An elusive Mexican mafia kingpin agrees to talk–but the price Jesse must pay is greater than he ever imagined.

When Jesse reunites with an old girlfriend he has dreamed about, but never thought he’d see again, the increasingly dangerous investigation puts his budding romance in jeopardy.

The more Jesse digs, the more disturbing and potentially deadly connections emerge between his childhood home in the Canal Zone, Panama and the Mexican mafia.

Can Jesse and Clare survive the deadly secrets he uncovers about their past? Will he live to write the article?

Get Discovered Secrets

Trini Martinez never thought of herself as flaky. No matter the radius of the problem, she could be counted on to solve and understand it. But when tentacles burst out of the newest Post-Doc to join the lab, and she finds herself pulled into an intergalactic game of tug she begins to question her sanity.

At least Nolan is there to rescue her. Friendly and charming, on top of being the hottest guy in a lab coat, he’d worked at her side for the past year. Trini assumed Nolan had no interest in her beyond their cancer research. Boy did she get that one wrong.

Racing through the stars, this computer scientist finds herself at the mercy of murderous bounty hunters, alien drones, and civilizations that’ll pay planets for her research. Her only hope to survive is a man that knows far too much about this intergalactic society.

Can she trust Nolan or has she been a pawn for him the whole time?

Get Cutie Pi (or π!)

The largest logjam ever occurred in 1886 at Taylors Falls, MN. It garnered worldwide attention and made the history books as far away as Sweden. Reporters arrived by train from all over.
Will and Carrie think there is no chance for them to have a family of their own. Each has reasons to avoid love and entanglements.

Will is burned out on responsibility after helping his widowed mother raise his siblings and his wife and infant son died. Carrie thinks no man will want her and her brother. She promised her father she’d raise her brother and while she’s attracted to Will, duty comes first.

Then the greatest logjam in the world throws them together for six weeks. Will is staying at the boarding house where she works while he and many others try to break up the logjam.

Can their love last beyond the summer logjam?

Get Never Love a Logger

When Joanna McAlister took a job with Black Gold Energy as an environmental engineer she knew she was in for a challenge. It’s not easy to be idealistic and want to save the world and still make a living, but for Joanna this was her opportunity to do both.

What she didn’t count on were Aris and Derek, her two bosses on the new project. They were handsome, they were driven and they wanted her. She never imagined she would be the kind of woman to attract one handsome man, much less two. Is she ready for what they want?

Will a potential cover up on the project threaten not only their love but their livelihood as well?

Must she give up everything she’s ever wanted for her life… for love?

Or can she really have it all?

Get The Power of Love


Cruise Control time! I don’t think that I have any real overarching news at the moment. Oh, there is one thing that I suppose is kind of overarching.

I did something kind of cool and fun and put it at the back of both The Album  and The Wedding. Basically, you can talk to Sebastian on Facebook Messenger and get his thoughts on what happened in the books.

Other than that, I made the Facebook group where we can hang out and chat and talk all things romance…and sometimes, Sebastian Fox drops by because I added him into the group.

He said he’s the only member of Cruise Control who got invited because I like him the best…I mean, he’s not wrong, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone I said that!

(Please don’t be concerned for my mental health, I’m aware that Sebastian Fox isn’t real! 🤫)


I did another author interview about The Album this week. You can find it here.

Other than that, not much to say. I’m going to start reading both this and The Wedding in the Kindle app and do the same thing that I’ve done for other books and highlight sections to put my notes against them.

I’ll post them on Goodreads when I do, so look out for that. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find some cool insider info to give you guys.


It’s been fascinating to start getting feedback on The Wedding, although, I do think that I need to stop reading reviews…wait, where have you guys heard that before?

It’s interesting to see people’s take on it, though. Given the way that my editor reacted to it, I knew that there would always be a chance that other people may react in a similar way.

So far, most reviews have been positive, which is nice. Still, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t read a bad one and tell myself for a solid day that I was a terrible writer who shouldn’t write another word.

“But Siân, how ever do you manage to write characters who are completely neurotic like Ariana with such authenticity that people hate her and get frustrated with her?”

Thank you for asking, please see the paragraph above your question for my answer. 😝


Holy. Cannoli. Why, why, why did I promise you guys that I would write 10,000 words in a week on a book that I hadn’t touched for two weeks?

I am just full of brilliant ideas! On the positive side, I didn’t want to let you down, so the book is now sitting at 129,000 words…yay? On the negative side, I let you down anyway (see below for the lack of new Wattpad chapter!).

Also…how many chapters did I say that I had left to write last week? Was it eight? Because it’s still eight, well, seven after the one I’m mid-way through writing, since I realised that if I didn’t write an extra chapter, I was going to skip a really important event that kind of needs to not be skipped.

This thing is going to be beastly. It’s also almost certainly going to change a lot during the editing phase. I’ve had two people read the manuscript so far and one said that Sebastian is too nice, while the other said that he’s not nice enough and I’m just like…😬

Oh, I lied, a third person read it and very kindly sent me a message asking for more after I’d written about 3,000 words this week and right when I was thinking “this is shit, nobody will ever want to read it”, so you can thank her for the remaining 7,000 words that I added!

Anyway, it’s just plugging along now. I’m not promising any word count this week, that’s for sure! I will just continue to write now that I’m not sick and things have settled down at work.


Gah! No new baby Cruise Control! I am so, so sorry, guys. I will do my best to put up a chapter, tomorrow, as well as another one next Saturday.

I’m really getting back into writing The Baby now (this is a good thing, right?), but I’ll attempt to get a chapter of Sebastian written tomorrow.

On that note, I’m off to bed because it’s just passed 1 am here in Western Australia! Happy reading and I hope you have a great read (that was supposed to say “rest”, but what a typo!) of the weekend!

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