So, many many moons ago, I used to frequent a website called “Bub Hub”. I was fairly regular on their forums and many of my closest friends to this day are people that I met on that website. I even wrote a couple of blogs for them back in the day. One, in particular, was so popular that it crashed their website when they shared it. if you want to read it, you can find it here:

Okay, so to be fair, that’s about as clickbaity as a headline can get. Far more clickbaity than “Very exciting news!”. Nonetheless, back on the 10th of Feb, I shot off an email to the editor of their blog. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking if they would mind reviewing my book. Well, today I heard back!

Unfortunately, they don’t do reviews on the site anymore due to a technical issue. They have offered, though, to update my article with my name and an author profile plus a paragaph at the bottom about my book being released with a link to the pre-sale. They’ll also share the post again on their social media so that people will see it. Guys, they have 127k likes on Facebook.

I know, that’s probably not huge to a lot of people but to someone who currently has exactly two people subscribed to her newsletter (one of which is herself), that’s pretty fucking momentous! I’m seriously so stoked right now. Who knows if anything will even come from it but the fact they’re willing to do this for me means a lot and hopefully it will get my book some exposure!

In the meantime, I’m plugging away with ‘The Wedding’. I’ve started taking my laptop in to work with me and writing on my lunch break. I got about 1,200 words written on my lunch break today which I’m pretty pleased about. Sometimes, the writing process fascinates me. I said to a friend today that when I’m writing, I’m like “this is terrible, it’s so awful!” but then I’ve been reading it back later and I think “oh, this is amazing, it’s 100% perfect.”. To which, my friend queried if I have mental problems. Thanks, dude! 😛


I think it’s just the pressure of so many people having finished ‘The Album’ now and waiting for ‘The Wedding’. The need to do justice to my first book with my second. I was worried at first that people would dislike Heather because of her feelings towards Ariana. The general consensus, though, is that nobody likes Ariana. They all think she’s annoying AF so now I’m thinking that everyone who disliked Ariana but loved Gabriel (read: pretty much everyone) will like The Wedding because Gabriel is finally actually happy but Ariana isn’t suffering zero repercussions from what she did.

Heather and Sebastian simply can’t just get past what she did. She walked away and didn’t even say goodbye. She gave nobody a chance to talk her around. It was stupid and Ariana definitely regrets it but she has a lot to atone for. Gabriel loves her to death and he will fight for her every damn day but Sebastian holds no such feelings for Ariana and Heather…well, Heather is still bruised emotionally from what happened. Forgiving and forgetting is definitely much easier said than done.

Anyway, time to post and then I might try to write a bit more before bedtime. Only 23 days till the 14th of March!

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