This is insane. My proof reader and formatter worked overtime to ensure that ‘The Album’ was print ready. The eBook is uploaded to Amazon and both eBook and print formats are with IngramSpark for review now. I’m holding off on uploading the print version to Amazon until Friday, even though it’s killing me because I want to make sure it goes live on Saturday and not earlier!

I’m SO in love with the formatting, it’s a REAL book, guys! Without further ado, he’s a sneak preview of the interior of ‘The Album’…

So this was the first thing I saw, immediately, I couldn’t believe that I had never thought of putting the microphone on the title page in the book. I almost died when I saw it!

Next was this…immediately, oh my god. It was just so cutesy that I wanted to hate it, but really I just hate how much I love it. It’s so absolutely and utterly perfect!

The final icing on the cake, was this musical note. I had been using a very basic ****** for the jumps between timelines. The fact that Lorna thought to use a musical note instead…wow.

This is why I got professionals. Mark made my cover better than I ever could’ve imagined and Lorna did the same with the interior. I really and truly believe in my books and the potential that they have to be amazing. I also know where my weaknesses are, Mark and Lorna have strengths in those areas. Ao where my book would have failed, they have only made it stronger.

I would, a hundred times over, go back to Mark and Lorna from In fact, I already have them lined up and ready to go for ‘The Wedding’! Speaking of which, it’s sitting at 43,264 words now. I’m ploughing through this story like nobody’s business. Every chapter I write, I struggle to get into it at the beginning, am sure it sucks during the middle, and think it’s the best chapter I’ve ever written by the end! Without fail.

Nonetheless, I can’t wait for other people to get into these books as much as I am. I’m itching to talk about these stories and characters to people, I love hearing the feedback that I get. Both Mark and Lorna gave me lovely feedback. Mark said that he really enjoyed it, and a lot of his editor comments in reaction to stuff in the book were pretty much exactly how I’d want a reader to react. Meanwhile, Lorna was given a horrendously short twenty-four hour turnaround for the formatting, so I could upload to Amazon before my pre-order deadline, and she said that it was difficult not to get sidetracked by actually reading the story.

Hopefully you all like it when you finally get a chance to read it, too!

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