The Album

Fall in love with Ariana and Gabriel as Ariana enters the world of Cruise Control.

The perfect man. His screaming fans. Can someone who hates the spotlight find love with a rock star?

Ariana isn’t a fan of celebrities, but she is a fan of Cruise Control. The night she attends a charity event with her aunt and meets rock star, Gabriel Knight, sets in motion a rollercoaster ride that is out of her control.

Hiding her struggling self-esteem behind a wall of privacy, Ariana risks it all and joins the group on their first tour as the lead singer’s new sweetheart.

But when she’s suddenly thrust into the wild world of a rock star, the sour taste of the limelight could be their undoing.

Will life in the fast lane ruin Ariana’s chance at true love?

The Album is the first book in the electric Cruise Control romance series. If you like sudden, steamy relationships, taking big risks, and the lives of the rich and famous, then you’ll adore Sian Ceinwen’s debut novel.


The Wedding

Continue in the Cruise Control world as Heather and Harrison prepare for their wedding.

Marrying a rock star. It’s harder than you think.

Heather York’s life was a complete breeze. Sure, she was working herself to the bone on her recently launched fashion line, Serenity, in preparation for its debut at New York Fashion Week.

Yes, her boyfriend, Harrison Fletcher, did happen to be one of the world’s most famous rock stars. Oh, and he had also just proposed which meant that she had a star-studded celebrity wedding to plan now.

Did she mention that her ex-best friend, Ariana Chamberlain, had just walked back into their lives after cutting them all off completely two years ago?

No, her life wasn’t complicated at all.

The Wedding is the follow-up to Sian Ceinwen’s debut novel, The Album. Dive back into the world of Cruise Control, as they navigate the tricky path of life in the spotlight as the world’s most famous rock band.


The Baby

Follow along as Sebastian Fox, the world’s biggest playboy finally meets the woman who challenges everything about him.

Sleep with a rock star, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Lita Ciccone just wanted to meet her favorite band. She had no interest in tangling with sexy guitarist, Sebastian Fox, whose favorite past time is groupies.

Then she meets him. He’s smart, he’s funny, and he calls her princess. Suddenly, she understands why so many women fall at his feet, because that’s exactly what she wants to do.

They spend one amazing night together, and their contraception fails. Now, Lita is facing a life tied to the world’s biggest player.

Sebastian is sexy as sin, but can she really raise a baby with him?

The Baby takes you back into the Cruise Control world as Sebastian discovers the price of having a reputation that precedes him.


Gabriel’s Album

Fall in love with Gabriel and Ariana all over again as Cruise Control embarks on their first world tour.

The rock star always gets the girl…

I’m living my dream. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a rock star. And now here I am, about to start my first big tour, when she comes along.


From the second we meet, she’s all I can think about. Asking her to come on tour with me is easy. But she’s shy, insecure, and the paparazzi scare her. We live in two completely different worlds.

I love her and I know that she’s worth fighting for. The problem is, I’m not sure if love is enough.

Gabriel’s Album is the first book in the Cruise Control Heroes series. It’s the companion novel to The Album. It will be released on the 14th of March 2021.



What happens when Cruise Control first meet at a summer camp for gifted musicians?

Welcome to the summer of your dreams.

Guitarist, Sebastian Fox, was excited when he got accepted into a music camp for the summer. He was less excited when he discovered that he would be sharing a cabin with Gabriel Knight for two weeks.

Sebastian had known Perfect Gabriel for years at his school in Chicago. Gabriel never puts a foot wrong and he’d been hoping for a roommate who was a little less uptight.

At least there’s a pretty girl, Ashley Williams, for him get to know better.

When they get thrown into a makeshift band with Harrison Fletcher and Hayden Vega for their performance at the end of the camp concert, will they be able to make music together? Or will they flop when it’s showtime?

Sebastian is the first in the Young Adult Cruise Control novels, following the band as they meet and work towards signing their first record deal. This serialised novel is available to read free on Wattpad.



This novel weaves a tangled web between reality and dreams, where the lines are blurred between what is real and what is not.

What happens when you fall in love with a figment of your imagination?

Cheli is just trying to live her best life, when she meets the perfect guy, Matt. The catch? She meets him in a dream.

Struggling to balance her real life with her dream reality, Cheli and Matt continue to meet in her dreams and she finds herself falling in love with him.

How can a relationship feel so real when the very foundation it’s based on is not? How can Cheli cope when the man she loves doesn’t really exist? Or does he?

Dreams will be released on the 11th of January 2021.

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At what point in our relationship will you give in, Ari? How many years would we need to be together before you would feel comfortable telling the world about us?

– The Album


Heather walked over to him; it was a path that she had walked a thousand times before. The path from any given place that led her to Harrison.

– The Wedding


I would crawl over broken glass to be with you, Lita, and that is terrifying for me.

– The Baby

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