Newsletter – 9th of May 2020

How much do you like books? I’m going to assume that it’s a lot, otherwise you’ve opened the wrong email, that’s for sure! This week, I’ve got two StoryOrigin giveaways, one BookFunnel giveaway and two books from indie authors like myself...

Newsletter – 1st of May 2020

Welcome to the weekend! I hope that you’ve had a great week. I’ve got so much to tell you, but I’ll try (and probably fail!) to not write a novel for you, this week. I’ll keep the Cruise Control update to the end, so that’ll help!...

Newsletter – 25th of April 2020

Happy Saturday! Guys, I love sending you this weekly email. It’s great finding wonderful promotions to take part in and send for you to check out. Your responses are always so lovely, so thank you for being awesome and reading what I email you. 💖 This week,...

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